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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 209 pages.

Book Review

Bonez by: Mr. Roses

by Ian Dailey

In the middle grade novel "Bonez by: Mr. Roses", a young skateboarder becomes a sudden star and wonders what’s truly important. In the rhyming middle grade novel "Bonez by: Mr. Roses", a skateboarder is faced with a life-altering... Read More

Book Review


by Erika Harlitz Kern

Amy Nathan’s inspiring book covers two families on opposite sides of the legacy of Jim Crow. On June 7, 1892, Homer Plessy, an Black shoemaker from New Orleans, bought a first class train ticket to Covington, Louisiana. When the train... Read More

Book Review

Danger in Plain Sight

by Michelle Newby

"Danger in Plain Sight" is an inventive thriller whose unconventional heroine learns how to live again. Burt Weissbourd’s exhilarating thriller "Danger in Plain Sight" introduces a compelling and driven heroine. In Seattle, Callie... Read More

Book Review

Change Your World

by Susan Waggoner

With clinical expertise, "Change Your World" opines on the failure of self-help methods that focus on individual motivation and calls for fostering resilience instead. Michael Ungar’s "Change Your World" argues that resilience is key... Read More

Book Review

The Magdalene Malediction

by Karen Rigby

History is presented in lucid, lurid passages in "The Magdalene Malediction", a novel focused on an extraordinary woman who inspires devotion. Last in the medieval Ordeal by Fire trilogy, "The Magdalene Malediction" returns to the idea... Read More

Book Review

Cashed Out

by Allison Butler

"Cashed Out" is an enjoyable thriller that evokes pain, sorrow, and sympathetic feelings toward even its unlikable characters. Cash in on this thrilling read from Michael H. Rubin. Set in the sweltering heat of the Louisiana bayou,... Read More

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