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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 193 pages.

Book Review

In the End

by Vivian Turnbull

In the spiritual adventure novel "In the End", twelve friends are faced with heartache once their world collapses. In Ken Saik’s spiritual novel "In the End", twelve teenagers face death together, choosing to stick with one another... Read More

Book Review

Seven Tails of Christmas

by Aimee Jodoin

Strong relationships are the foundation of a joyful life in the parabolic Christmas novella Seven Tails of Christmas. Rob Edwards’s pithy, sensitive novella "Seven Tails of Christmas" is about connections that form after a loss. Ellis,... Read More

Book Review

Nouveau Noir

by John M. Murray

"Nouveau Noir" is an intricate murder mystery anchored by its charming rookie agent and colorful cast. In Drew Golden’s murder mystery "Nouveau Noir", a rookie FBI agent discovers the seedy underbelly of the wine industry. Wynn’s... Read More

Book Review

Living in the Theater of the Absurd

by Lisa Romeo

Susan H. McIntyre lives with some eighteen chronic illnesses. And she does so with good humor and grace, as displayed in "Living in the Theater of the Absurd". Her inclination to share what she’s learned about her illnesses and how she... Read More

Book Review

You According to Them

by Maria Siano

After years of being a consultant and coach assisting employees in identifying blind spots and behaviors that may inadvertently be holding them back from reaching their career goals, Canaday shares her experience in a book that is part... Read More

Book Review

Moon Stories

by Gary Presley

How does a Harvard-educated civil engineer with knowledge of soil engineering end up participating in NASA’s effort to land a man on the moon? John Halajian tired of his commute from Levittown, New York, to Manhattan, so he applied for... Read More

Book Review

The Color-Blind Detective

Reminiscent of The Maltese Falcon, Bill Capron’s novel opens with the alluring damsel in distress sauntering into an unsuspecting private investigator’s office. She entices him with the proposition of recovering her dead husband’s... Read More

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