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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 188 pages.

Book Review

Trails of the Soul

by Karen Rigby

"Trails of the Soul" is an empowering romance novel about second chances. A divorceé and recent empty nester find renewed purpose on a Colorado vacation in Karen D. Hamilton’s brisk romance novel about healing, "Trails of the Soul".... Read More

Book Review

The Artist Spoke

by Peter Dabbene

"The Artist Spoke" is a bookish but exciting literary mystery. Ted Morrissey’s novel "The Artist Spoke" is a mysterious, mesmerizing examination of the contrary aspects of the writing life, and the fragility of relationships.... Read More

Book Review

Bone Tree

by Ho Lin

With an appealing mix of spooky suspense and comedy, "Bone Tree" tackles a serious, delicate subject: dealing with the loss of a loved one. Sixth-graders Roman and Elsie are best friends. Tragedy strikes when Roman is diagnosed with... Read More

Book Review

The Little Palace

by Rachel Jagareski

Narcisse is the virtuoso black cat chef at Le Minipalais and the central figure in Jeffrey Erlacher’s delightful middle grade novel, "The Little Palace". Animals and humans work together at the Paris restaurant, an oasis of food, art,... Read More

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