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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 171 pages.

Book Review

Who's There?

by George Hajjar

Who’s There? unites folktales with modern domestic horrors, resulting in a chilling collection. The five surprising horror stories in Dimas Rio’s Who’s There? mobilize fear to question religious piety, the makings of monsters, how... Read More

Book Review

Back Story Alaska

by Joseph S. Pete

"Back Story Alaska" is an entertaining love story about Alaska. Lance Brewer’s engaging memoir "Back Story Alaska" explores the state’s bush territory from the perspective of an unlikely tour guide—a “city boy and lawyer” who... Read More

Book Review

Alexandrian Summer

by Kristine Morris

Sultry, seductive Alexandria is filled with secrets, seething resentments, and hidden tensions, and the Egyptian Jews who live there, though enamored of the city’s charms, are coming to see that their lives are precariously balanced... Read More

Book Review

Not the MET

by Heather Shaw

Fifty million people visited Manhattan last year, and those who put a museum on their itinerary probably chose the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Janet Halpern and Harvey Applebaum have nothing against the Met, but they’d like you to know... Read More

Book Review

Life Your Way

by Dindy Yokel

Life in the twenty-first century is lightening fast and there is an epidemic of books, business coaches, and gurus who are penning self-help guides, websites, blogs, and more telling us how to do it all and do it faster. The result... Read More

Book Review

Confidence at Work

by Elizabeth Breau

At a time when many people remain in unsatisfying or low-paying jobs because they fear unemployment, this book persuasively makes the case for feeling fulfilled by one’s work: “Knowing what you are good at, what you are truly... Read More

Book Review

An Unimaginable Journey

Coke and Pepsi is one of the classic business rivalries. These arch-competitors continuously battle for market share around the world. Given Coca-Cola’s number one ranking, it is a sweet victory when Pepsi can rise to the top. That is... Read More

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