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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 171 pages.

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Book Review

An Unimaginable Journey

Coke and Pepsi is one of the classic business rivalries. These arch-competitors continuously battle for market share around the world. Given Coca-Cola’s number one ranking, it is a sweet victory when Pepsi can rise to the top. That is... Read More

Book Review

Nuns Don't Dance

In the early 1960s, with the Soviet Union threatening to build a wall to separate East and West Berlin, Louisa Meier, a young American postulant, is sent to Munich by her Wisconsin convent. She has been assigned to learn German so she... Read More

Book Review

Balance 20/20

by Sophia Tarila

Imagine creating a life as a great movie, complete with main characters, supporting cast, plots, and interweaving sub-plots. Drama. Adventure. Idylls. Passages. The author, a time management expert, recognized that his own life was... Read More

Book Review

In Haste I Write You This Note

by Eleanor J. Bader

Ritchie’s resonant writing evokes humanity’s most endearing traits. Whether showcasing American diplomats, struggling fishermen or worried parents, her work will remind readers of the many serendipitous connections and missed... Read More

Book Review

Your Pet Isn't Sick

Veterinarian Herb Tanzer’s clients have called him a quack. “Some people leave,” he writes, “others flay me with insults.” All because he’s exposing what he dubs “The Pet Game.” Tanzer’s approach to doctoring pets... Read More

Book Review

The Last Settlers

by Alan L. White

As a word, Alaska creates thoughts of independence and freedom. As a state, Alaska conjures up images of wildness, a kind of separate reckless place beyond the safety of home. This wanting to be far beyond home is the basis for The Last... Read More