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Reviews of Books with 166 Pages

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 166 pages.

Book Review

Reflections on Mountaineering

by Michele Sharpe

The musing poems in "Reflections on Mountaineering" chart a course through a personal, enigmatic relationship with mountain landscapes. Alan V. Goldman’s poetry collection "Reflections on Mountaineering" explores the challenge and... Read More

Book Review

A Robin Waits

by Ian Dailey

In the eclectic short stories of "A Robin Waits", motley characters face life-changing challenges in distinct places and times. The short stories of Kirk Ward Robinson’s cross-genre collection "A Robin Waits" focus on the diverse,... Read More

Book Review

Call Them by Their True Names

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Rebecca Solnit wants you to act. She wants you to abandon naive cynicism and reject resting in anger. She wants you to engage the issues and go about the hard work of effecting change. And she believes that you can do it. Given the fiery... Read More

Book Review

The Fix

by Joseph S. Pete

"The Fix" is a short but powerful book with the force of a right hook or a squeezed-off bullet. Robert Downs’s "The Fix" is a breakneck noir thrill ride wherein the booze flows freely, the bullets fly, and the casinos exude despair.... Read More

Book Review

Thoughts in Writing

by Joseph S. Pete

"Thoughts in Writing" collects raw, exuberant poetry that speaks to the human condition with sincerity. Apphia Patten’s "Thoughts in Writing" is a searching collection of poetry that plumbs the author’s ideas about life, love,... Read More

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