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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 164 pages.

Book Review

Percy's Field

by Benjamin Welton

Percy’s Field combines great naturalism and regional storytelling with the pleasure of detective fiction … not to be missed. Percy’s Field by Christopher Brookhouse is an inverted detective story. It is obvious early on in the... Read More

Book Review

Joe and the Halloween Mystery

by Nancy Powell

The allegorical narrative revolves around a battle with Satan, drawing clear, black-and-white lines. This follow-up to Joe and the Peace Eternal is a swashbuckling biblical fantasy that pits a hunky former Olympian and his trusty,... Read More

Book Review

Two Moons

by Matt Grant

Krystal A. Smith’s "Two Moons" is an imaginative and whimsical collection of speculative short stories focused on themes of love, loss, fertility, and redemption. Each story is more fantastical and surprising than the last. Yet no... Read More

Book Review

An Insect Tale

by Anitra Budd

With battles, quests, political intrigues, and life-and-death struggles, "An Insect Tale" is a unique reimagining of high fantasy. In "An Insect Tale", by Alexander Barton Caceres, it’s up to three insects—a bee, a praying mantis,... Read More

Book Review

City of Grit and Gold

by Stephanie Bucklin

Maud Macrory Powell’s *City of Grit and Gold *is a historical novel that places a family conflict at the center of a political battle, raising questions about privilege, duty, and assimilation. Twelve-year-old Addie lives with her... Read More

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