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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 161 pages.

Book Review

The Vail Method

by Charlene Oldham

"The Vail Method"’s actionable fitness advice will help audiences physically improve with age. Matthew Ehrlich’s prescriptive health book "The Vail Method" concentrates on optimizing health and athletic performance during the aging... Read More

Book Review

A Taste of Eternity

by Kaavonia Hinton

Social and cultural beliefs can imprison people and separate them from love—this is a powerful theme Pineau conveys with emotional weight. “Black folk with black folk, white folk with white folk, and the world will keep on turning... Read More

Book Review

Knowing Who I Am

by Julia Ann Charpentier

South African singer and songwriter Sonia Aletta Nel, better known as Nianell, credits her success to a long process of learning to love herself and feeling the love around her, as she takes her talent to greater heights of international... Read More

Book Review

Spirit Faces

“I see dead people,” said a frightened boy in the movie The Sixth Sense. This author goes that boy one better: he takes pictures of dead people. With a degree in journalism, Macy is a member of Instrumental Transcommunication ITC),... Read More

Book Review


by Sandy McKinney

A discussion between the poet and her translator at the back of the book offers a much-enhanced access to the sometimes difficult passages in this long poem. Their conversation makes it clear that this Russian-Jewish-Mexican woman knew... Read More

Book Review

Survival Rates

While Clyde’s stories happen to be set in the Southwest, they can be read as reports from the front lines of the dominant culture anywhere in America. People live in single family homes, drive cars, go to shopping malls and eat dessert... Read More

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