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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 144 pages.

Book Review

My Book of the Dead

by Dontaná McPherson-Joseph

No aspect of life is left unexamined in the piercing poems of Ana Castillo’s new collection "My Book of the Dead". Embracing her place as “the original Xicanista,” Castillo’s collection straddles the line between personal and... Read More

Book Review

Tropical Arctic

by Rachel Jagareski

Paleobotanists and geologists faced injury, stiff winds, polar bears, and arduous daily climbs in the summer of 2002 as they collected thousands of fossilized plants from the ancient supercontinent of Pangea’s tropics, now part of... Read More

Book Review

The Jewish Brigade

by Peter Dabbene

Marvano’s historical graphic novel "The Jewish Brigade" covers the group that fought as part of the British Army in World War II. In the weeks after Nazi Germany’s surrender, Leslie Toliver, a member of the Jewish Brigade, is on a... Read More

Book Review

Vintage Shops London

by Rebecca Foster

Designer Michelle Mason, the cofounder of the East London vintage shop Mason & Painter, delivers "Vintage Shops London", a thorough introduction to where savvy shoppers can find “pre-loved” bargains. Secondhand shopping is a... Read More

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