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Reviews of Books with 144 Pages

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 144 pages.

Book Review

Market Forces

by Laura Leavitt

"Market Forces" is a thoughtful analytical work for those who make decisions about the long-term strategies of their residential senior communities. According to Jill J. Johnson’s informative trend analysis text "Market Forces", the... Read More

Book Review

Once Well Beloved

by Jeff Fleischer

For many small towns around the world, World War I was a seismic event, and the Canadian town of Merritt in British Columbia’s Nicola Valley is a prime example. A town that even today only has a few thousand residents lost forty-four... Read More

Book Review

50 Things to See in the Sky

by Rebecca Foster

“The sky above us holds limitless wonder,” astrophysicist and television producer Sarah Barker declares. Technology may have made it easier to spot and understand heavenly bodies, but it will never explain away their magic. Barker... Read More

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