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Here are all of the softcover books we've reviewed.

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Book Review

The Groundhog Forever

by Peter Dabbene

In Henry Hoke’s novel "The Groundhog Forever", characters search for answers to questions both trivial and existential. Two film students in early twenty-first-century Manhattan find themselves trapped in a time loop, repeating the... Read More

Book Review

Finding George Washington

by Delia Stanley

Ending with a twist, this time travel novel is a history-minded work that questions which cultural influences best define the US. In Bill Zarchy’s science fiction novel "Finding George Washington", George Washington is temporally... Read More

Book Review

Ghosts of the Past

by Benjamin Welton

In the charming historical thriller "Ghosts of the Past", a man hunts for a rumored Nazi treasure—but he has competition. Mark Downer’s "Ghosts of the Past" is an exhilarating and labyrinthine thriller centered around a large hunt... Read More

Book Review

The Red Kitchen

by Mari Carlson

"The Red Kitchen" is an inspirational memoir about finding a way out of family drama. Through her memoir "The Red Kitchen", Barbara Clarke opens up key moments in her life to find healing. On the surface, Clarke’s family was an average... Read More

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