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Here are all of the softcover books we've reviewed.

Book Review

American Dreaming

by Aimee Jodoin

Skewering capitalism ably, "American Dreaming" is a political satire that’s defined by euphemistic humor and a stream-of-consciousness style. In William Wall’s cerebral satirical novel "American Dreaming", a working-class hero is... Read More

Book Review

Six Feet Apart

by Claire Foster

"Six Feet Apart" is a charming, COVID-inflected romance about love during an unending lockdown. In Elena Greyrock’s timely and quirky romance novel, "Six Feet Apart", people have acclimated to rolling flu seasons, but—socially... Read More

Book Review

Stockboy Nation

by Karen Rigby

"Stockboy Nation" is a contemporary novel about growing through hardships. In Thomas Duffy’s novel "Stockboy Nation", a former bestselling author deals with midlife insecurity after his job prospects wane. Phillip, a New Yorker in his... Read More

Book Review

The Printer and the Strumpet

by Karen Rigby

In the entertaining historical novel "The Printer and the Strumpet", the American Revolution is seen from the perspective of a flawed wordsmith. In Larry Brill’s satirical historical novel, "The Printer and the Strumpet", a colorful... Read More

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