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Book Review

Defending Trump

by Benjamin Welton

A testament to the polarization of American political life since 2017, "Defending Trump" is a fun and rigorous look at the many scandals, controversies, and accomplishments of the Trump administration. Stephen Barry and Marc Z.... Read More

Book Review

When We Were All Still Alive

by Delia Stanley

In the domestic novel "When We Were All Still Alive", a couple handles everyday surprises and disappointments, learning together how to love and be loved. In Keith McWalter’s novel "When We Were All Still Alive", an aging,... Read More

Book Review

The Last Dance

by Delia Stanley

The romantic memoir "The Last Dance" recalls the happy moments of a long marriage for a family’s next generation. Stephen Manning’s memoir "The Last Dance" is filled with loving memories of his wife. When Manning left his childhood... Read More

Book Review

Is It Well with Your Soul?

by Jeremiah Rood

The sermons collected in Is it Well with Your Soul? are designed to set America’s spirituality right. Bill Peters’s sermon collection Is it Well with Your Soul? declares that the US needs to restore its soul, one person at a time.... Read More

Book Review

A Multicultural Picnic

by Kristine Morris

Learning is fun in the picture book "A Multicultural Picnic", which celebrates family, friendship, and heritage. In Victor Dias de Oliveria Santos’s sensitive picture book, "A Multicultural Picnic", children respond to bullying,... Read More

Book Review

Rascal on the Run

by Michelle Anne Schingler

"Rascal on the Run" is a drawling Southern legal tale from an impressive new talent. Howard Tate Scott’s Southern crime novel "Rascal on the Run" moves, with charm and swagger, through generations of crime and justice in a North... Read More

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