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Book Review

The Day That A Ran Away

by Aimee Jodoin

Cute, funny, and educational to boot, "The Day That A Ran Away" is a colorful picture book that delights. Precocious red-haired Jet has found a great excuse—or so he thinks—for not writing his alphabet in class: all the letters have... Read More

Book Review

The Radical Dreams

by Anitra Budd

The poems in "The Radical Dreams" are resonant, colored by emotional turbulence and finding solace in relationships and the natural world. In his collection "The Radical Dreams", poet Samuel Guest offers striking images and an... Read More

Book Review

Odyssey of the Chosen

by Katie Asher

"Odyssey of the Chosen" is an engaging, multilayered, and wildly creative family saga that takes on the battle between good and evil. H. S. Theodore’s imaginative adventure "Odyssey of the Chosen" follows an unsuspecting family into... Read More

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