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Here are all of the audiobooks we've reviewed.

Book Review

In Praise of Shadows

by Meg Nola

Rintoul’s narration is mellow and erudite, offering a vocal continuity to Tanizaki’s fascinating thoughts. "In Praise of Shadows", Junichiro Tanizaki’s 1933 essay on aspects of Japanese design and culture, finds a new dimension in... Read More

Book Review

Women in Love

by Karen Mulvahill

When narrated by Slack, Lawrence’s philosophical conundrums are easier to follow. Sisters Ursula and Gudrun Brangwen struggle to balance independence, love, and marriage at the start of the twentieth century, in D. H. Lawrence’s... Read More

Book Review

The Sacred Hub

by Catherine Thureson

This is a book filled with deep and profound meaning. "The Sacred Hub" is an extraordinary collection of essays by author Robert Rabbin. The listening time is just over four hours, but the messages that are shared in that relatively... Read More

Book Review

Fearless and Free

by Sarah White

Offering encouragement and advice to women facing mid-career changes, Sachs’s is an uplifting work. Wendy Sachs, whose background includes work in politics, television, and content production, offers women inspiration and solid advice... Read More

Book Review

Dream with Me

by Kristine Morris

Perkins calls for a new reality in race relations, one in which “true justice is wrapped up in love.” John M. Perkins’s Dream with Me: Race, Love, and the Struggle We Must Win is the powerful testament of a man who was brought to... Read More

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