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The Sacred Hub

This is a book filled with deep and profound meaning.

The Sacred Hub is an extraordinary collection of essays by author Robert Rabbin. The listening time is just over four hours, but the messages that are shared in that relatively brief time are potentially life-changing.

The book covers a variety of topics such as learning to know one’s true self, learning to understand and deal with emotions, the meaning of love, and the value of meditation. The author shares amazing insights on these topics, such as the idea that true happiness is the absence of self-concern. The path to knowing oneself and to understanding life is ultimately summed up in one beautiful passage, a message that one of the gurus that Rabbin studied with shared with him: “The heart is the sacred hub of the Universe. Go there and explore that space.”

This is a book filled with deep and profound meaning. It takes a great deal of effort to fully comprehend the meaning behind its words at times, but that effort is certainly worthwhile. Each section of the book is composed of spontaneous and unedited writing—remarkable, considering the overall clarity of the work. Its are unique ideas and challenging thoughts—stop trying to fix one’s life, it advises, and argues that the purpose of life is simply living.

The narrator’s voice is clear and easy to listen to, and the pace of the narration is comfortable, though it will almost certainly be necessary to listen to some passages multiple times.

The Sacred Hub is an excellent work of spirituality that pushes people to meet their deepest, truest selves. Though its answers to looming questions are not always comfortable, there is real wisdom here, and the opportunity for developing a simpler, happier way of life.

Reviewed by Catherine Thureson

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