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Book Review

The Confessions of St. Augustine

by Kristen Rabe

This is a clear, conversational presentation of a classic Christian work. In Naxos’s new audio recording of The Confessions of Saint Augustine, British actor Mark Meadows offers a compelling, earnest interpretation of one of the most... Read More

Book Review

False Flag

by John M. Murray

"False Flag" pits nations against each other with two headstrong women front and center. John Altman’s "False Flag" examines the costs of extremism, pitting two strong women against each other in a complex plot to wage global war.... Read More

Book Review

Finders Keepers

by John M. Murray

This artfully narrated mystery lures readers into a town with a dark secret. "Finders Keepers", by Belinda Bauer, pits an elusive kidnapper against a close-knit town. This is an engrossing and atmospheric crime thriller with a... Read More

Book Review

Healing the Angry Brain

by Catherine Thureson

Though the focus is on anger, the information provided in this book is helpful in understanding the full range of human emotions. "Healing the Angry Brain" by Ronald Potter-Efron is a remarkable examination of emotional response in the... Read More

Book Review

Silence and Beauty

by Meagan Logsdon

This illuminating, unique composition was crafted by the hands of a master. Makoto Fujimura’s "Silence and Beauty" is a prismatic analysis of Shusaku Endo’s novel Silence and a glimpse into the often enigmatic culture of Japan.... Read More

Book Review

Purgatory Road

by Shana Creaney

"Purgatory Road" is meant for people who like breakneck pacing and a somewhat mystical plot. "Purgatory Road" by Samuel Parker tells the story of several people lost in the desert. Filled with personal discovery and mysterious... Read More

Book Review

Ambition Addiction

by Sarah White

Shalva offers solid and upbeat advice for those struggling to control their fixations on the future. Being motivated and driven seem like positive characteristics, but for ambition addicts, wanting to do and be more often comes at a high... Read More

Book Review

Divine Desire

by Camille-Yvette Welsch

In this lusty and seductive listen, attraction blossoms into love. What happens in naked yoga no longer stays in naked yoga in "Divine Desire", a steamy romance from Audrey Carlan. Mila Mercado, an aspiring artist and full-time yogi,... Read More

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