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Book Review

38 Hours to Montreal

by Benjamin Welton

"38 Hours to Montreal", with its many photos and its amazing ambiance of bleak Canadian winters, reminds us of what great history books used to be like. Speed, technology, and transition are the central themes of this fun, lively history... Read More

Book Review

Deadly Payload

by Gary Henry

A thriller set amid a public health emergency, "Deadly Payload" is full of compelling characters and suspense. A small-town bioterrorism nightmare springs to frightening life in Karen Randau’s vivid modern-day thriller and detective... Read More

Book Review

Releasing Pain

by Melissa Wuske

Penned by a physical therapist, the book is encouraging, approachable, thorough, and determined, balancing the comprehensive nature of its system with step-by-step instructions. Nancy Griggs’s "Releasing Pain" is an approachable yet... Read More

Book Review

Tiger Farms

by Benjamin Welton

"Tiger Farms" is a heroic tale, an action story, and a morality play all in one—and thoroughly fun. The battle between the East and the West is an old canard. Matthew James’s debut novel "Tiger Farms" takes this old duel and injects... Read More

Book Review

The Unlounging

by Shana Creaney

Selraybob is an unexpected protagonist whose journey is satisfying and thoughtful. A humorous and engaging fictional memoir, "The Unlounging" relates an existential crisis. When the book begins, Selraybob is sitting in his lounger,... Read More

Book Review

100 Things

by Karen Rigby

A clear, defined mission inspires an inventive tour of everyday objects. Cindy Helms’s "100 Things" presents a classic kindergarten milestone. Tasked with bringing one hundred things to school to celebrate the hundredth day, Kid hunts... Read More

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