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Book Review

Going beyond the Pose

by Katie Asher

Imparting straightforward and factual information about yoga, the book maintains an excellent balance: it is objective, truthful, and spiritual all at once. Kathleen Nitting’s "Going beyond the Pose" draws from experience and practice... Read More

Book Review

Exit of the Leviathan

by Joseph S. Pete

Passionate poems are collected in "Exit of the Leviathan", an occasionally musical collection. Philips Ororho’s lyrical but unpolished poetry collection "Exit of the Leviathan" focuses on faith and romance. Love poems, paeans to God,... Read More

Book Review

Jackson's Story

by Carol Davala

Jackson’s Story is a gentle, insightful story with a valuable lesson for any family considering pet adoption. Elizabeth Baker’s Jackson’s Story is a heartwarming picture book in which a frisky pup experiences kindness, then neglect... Read More

Book Review

Dr. Brainchild & Radar

by Catherine Thureson

Dr. Brainchild and Radar is an enjoyable and boldly illustrated story of scientific discovery. Cole W. Williams’s clever picture book of discovery, Dr. Brainchild and Radar, follows a scientist, a dog, and the microwave. Dr. Brainchild... Read More

Book Review

The First Barbarian Slave

by John M. Murray

"The First Barbarian Slave" is a fantastical tale of faith and magic. Ansu Turay’s ambitious "The First Barbarian Slave" lays the foundation for an epic fantasy trilogy filled with ambiguous legends and murky ambitions. Acting a... Read More

Book Review

The Essential Dorothy Roberts

by Peter Dabbene

This is an excellent entry into the work of a respected poet. "The Essential Dorothy Roberts" is a subtle and graceful poetry collection. Roberts, who died in 1993, came from a family of poets and was encouraged to follow in their... Read More

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