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Book Review

Beer and Gasoline

by Jeremiah Rood

"Beer and Gasoline" is a fun Cold War mystery that cruises through the desert with some old-school spies. John Knoerle’s engaging historical mystery "Beer and Gasoline" blends 1960s Cold War spying and western counterculture. The novel... Read More

Book Review

The Sword of Kaigen

by John M. Murray

Complex societies and an unique magic system make "The Sword of Kaigen" an engaging work of high fantasy. M. L. Wang’s fantastical story "The Sword of Kaigen" is compelling and rife with magic and heartbreak. The Matsuda clan have... Read More

Book Review

A Time to Remember

by Delia Stanley

"A Time to Remember" is a dramatic historical romance with endearing characters. Jan Hendrix’s engaging romance "A Time to Remember" follows star-crossed lovers as they navigate a postwar world, separated by society but always thinking... Read More

Book Review

Dark Cure

by Benjamin Welton

"Dark Cure" is an action potboiler that raises compelling questions about contemporary science. Cameron K. Moore’s biomedical thriller, "Dark Cure", is set in a mysterious rain forest. Its characters include members of French military... Read More

Book Review

66 on 66

by Kristine Morris

The creation of the Interstate Highway System under the administration of President Dwight Eisenhower opened a faster, more convenient passage across America, but, with its four-lane “freeways,” it also marked the death of its rural... Read More

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