Foreword Reviews

Full List of 2016 Foreword INDIES Winners

Adult Fiction

Gold: Life in High Def (978-0-9972190-1-2) by Kimberly Cooper Griffin, Night River Press
Silver: A Touch of Temptation (978-1-62639-489-6) by Julie Blair, Bold Strokes Books
Bronze: Girls on Campus (978-1-62639-733-0) by Sandy Lowe (editor) and Stacia Seaman (editor), Bold Strokes Books
Honorable Mention: Not Just Another Pretty Face (978-0-9708310-7-1) by Louis Flint Ceci (editor), Beautiful Dreamer Press
Gold: In Another Life (978-1-4926-2520-9) by Julie Christine Johnson, Sourcebooks Landmark
Silver: Loreena's Gift (978-1-938103-47-6) by Colleen M. Story, Dzanc Books
Bronze: Kingdom Blades (978-0-9906291-7-7) by Melissa McPhail, Five Strands Publishing
Gold: Diana, Herself (978-1-944264-00-0) by Martha Beck, Cynosure Publishing
Silver: The Third Swimmer (978-1-56474-582-8) by Rosalind Brackenbury, Daniel and Daniel Publishers
Bronze: One for the Ark (978-0-9962525-5-3) by Mary Hutchings Reed, Ampersand
Bronze: The Silver Baron's Wife (978-0-9971010-6-5) by Donna Baier Stein, Serving House Books
Gold: The Cigar Factory (978-1-61117-590-5) by Michele Moore, University of South Carolina Press
Silver: The Sins of Soldiers (978-1-78589-018-5) by Simon Hardman Lea, Matador
Bronze: Sugarland (978-0-9916185-3-8) by Martha Conway, Noontime Books
Honorable Mention: Soul of Toledo (978-0-9970320-0-0) by Edward D. Webster, Dream House Press
Gold: Island of the Dolls (978-1-988091-07-5) by Jeremy Bates, Ghillinnein Books
Silver: Kai (978-0-692-42212-0) by Derek Vasconi, Self-Published
Bronze: Wolves (978-1-5047-2591-0) by D. J. Molles, Blackstone Publishing
Honorable Mention: The Pit (978-1-68222-705-3) by L. A. Barnes, BookBaby
Gold: Dodging Satan (978-1-937818-32-6) by Kathleen Zamboni McCormick, Sand Hill Review Press
Silver: Guy Novel (978-1-57962-440-8) by Michael Ryan, Permanent Press
Bronze: Reptile Wines (978-0-9977054-0-9) by John Hewitt, Pump Island Tales
Honorable Mention: George Bailey Gets Saved in the End (978-1-5372-6200-0) by Ken O'Neill, CreateSpace
Gold: Loving Eleanor (978-0-9892035-7-9) by Susan Wittig Albert, Persevero Press
Silver: Wake Me Up (978-0-9854751-4-7) by Justin Bog, Self-Published
Bronze: It's Not Like I Knew Her (978-1-940189-12-3) by Pat Spears, Twisted Road Publications
Honorable Mention: Sweet (978-1-941530-61-0) by Alysia Constantine, Interlude Press
Editor's Choice Prize Fiction: We Love You, Charlie Freeman (978-1-61620-467-9) by Kaitlyn Greenidge, Algonquin Books
Gold: A Question of Mercy (978-1-61117-722-0) by Elizabeth Cox, University of South Carolina Press
Silver: Midnight Bowling (978-0-932112-82-8) by Quinn Dalton, Carolina Wren Press
Bronze: Repercussions (978-1-57962-426-2) by Anthony Schneider, Permanent Press
Honorable Mention: Damnificados (978-1-62963-117-2) by JJ Amaworo Wilson, PM Press
Gold: The Orphan Keeper (978-1-62972-224-5) by Camron Wright, Shadow Mountain Publishing
Silver: Everywhere Stories (978-1-941209-46-2) by Clifford Garstang (editor), Press 53
Bronze: Secrets of Worry Dolls (978-1-942545-65-1) by Amy Impellizzeri, Wyatt-MacKenzie
Honorable Mention: Broken Wing (978-0-9962676-3-2) by David Budbill and Donald Saaf (illustrator), Green Writer's Press
Gold: A Girl Like You (978-1-63152-016-7) by Michelle Cox, She Writes Press
Silver: The Masterpiecers (978-0-9973343-0-2) by Olivia Wildenstein, CreateSpace
Bronze: Clamour of Crows (978-1-57962-442-2) by Ray Merritt, The Permanent Press
Honorable Mention: Jacob's Descent (978-1-63299-078-5) by Sandra Brannan, Greenleaf Book Group
Gold: Song of Silence (978-1-4267-9149-9) by Cynthia Ruchti, Abingdon Press
Silver: Hidden Star (978-1-4602-7578-8) by Corinne Joy Brown, FriesenPress
Bronze: A Saint in Graceland (978-1-61153-157-2) by Deborah Hining, Light Messages Publishing
Honorable Mention: Judah's Scepter and the Sacred Stone (978-1-5069-0230-2) by D. A. Brittain, First Edition Design Publishing
Gold: Luchador (978-1-941530-97-9) by Erin Finnegan, Interlude Press
Silver: Shadows of Paris (978-1-938846-92-2) by Eric D. Lehman, Homebound Publications
Bronze: Far from Home (978-1-62649-452-7) by Lorelie Brown, Riptide Publishing
Honorable Mention: Selfie (978-1-62649-385-8) by Amy Lane, Riptide Publishing
Science Fiction
Gold: Hell Divers (978-1-5047-2584-2) by Nicholas Sansbury Smith, Blackstone Publishing
Silver: Wicked Weeds (978-1-942134-11-4) by Pedro Cabiya and Jessica Ernst Powell (translator), Mandel Vilar Press
Bronze: In the Present Tense (978-1-941530-78-8) by Carrie Pack, Interlude Press
Honorable Mention: Aramid (978-1-62989-455-3) by Paul Haddad, World Castle Publishing
Short Stories
Gold: The Grass Labyrinth (978-1-943491-04-9) by Charlotte Holmes, BkMk Press
Silver: Where We Go When All We Were Is Gone (978-1-62557-944-7) by Sequoia Nagamatsu, Black Lawrence Press
Bronze: Whiskey, Etc. (978-1-938466-56-4) by Sherrie Flick, Queen's Ferry Press
Honorable Mention: Madagascar: New and Selected Stories (978-1-938126-40-6) by Steven Schwartz, Engine Books
Thriller & Suspense
Gold: Revelation (978-1-60809-218-5) by Carter Wilson, Oceanview Publishing
Silver: Bullet in the Chamber (978-1-939521-63-7) by John Dedakis, Strategic Media
Bronze: Cluster of Lies (978-1-943593-16-3) by Samuel Marquis, Mount Sopris Publishing
Honorable Mention: Between Black and White (978-1-5039-5307-9) by Robert Bailey, Thomas & Mercer
Honorable Mention: Law and Disorder (978-1-59079-367-1) by Mike Papantonio, SelectBooks
War & Military
Gold: Wounded Tiger (978-0-9912290-4-8) by T. Martin Bennett, Brown Books Publishing Group
Silver: A Beckoning War (978-1-77186-068-0) by Matthew Murphy, Baraka Books
Bronze: The Second Winter (978-1-59051-788-8) by Craig Larsen, Other Press
Honorable Mention: Bodyguard of Deception (978-1-943593-12-5) by Samuel Marquis, Mount Sopris Publishing
Honorable Mention: Envoy of Jerusalem (978-1-62787-397-0) by Helena P. Schrader, Wheatmark

Adult Nonfiction

Adventure & Recreation
Gold: American Wild (978-0-9889430-9-4) by Michael Engelhard, Hiraeth Press
Silver: My Journey Through War and Peace (978-0-9893429-7-1) by Melissa Burch, Gaia Press
Bronze: On Thin Ice (978-1-4930-2296-0) by Eric Larsen and Hudson Lindenberger, Falcon Guides (an imprint of Globe Pequot)
Honorable Mention: North of Reliance (978-0-9914157-4-8) by Dave Olesen and Kristen Olesen (photographer), Raven Productions
Gold: Michigan Modern (978-1-4236-4497-2) by Brian D. Conway (editor) and Amy L. Arnold (editor), Gibbs Smith
Silver: The Living Building Challenge (978-0-9972368-1-1) by Mary Adam Thomas, Ecotone Publishing
Bronze: The Greenest Building (978-0-9827749-6-0) by Mary Adam Thomas, Ecotone Publishing
Honorable Mention: Building Chicago: The Architectural Masterworks (978-0-8478-4870-6) by John Zukowsky, Rizzoli
Gold: Unfinished (978-1-58839-586-3) by Kelly Baum, Andrea Bayer, Sheena Wagstaff, Carmen C. Bambach, Thomas Beard, David Bomford, David Blayney Brown, Nicholas Cullinan, Michael Gallagher, Asher Ethan Miller, Nadine M. Orenstein, Diana Widmaier Picasso, Susan Stewart, and Nico Van Hout, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Silver: Paper in Profile (978-0-915977-97-0) by Lynn Boland (editor), Georgia Museum of Art
Bronze: Hokusai's Lost Manga (978-0-87846-826-3) by Sarah Thompson and Hokusai (illustrator), MFA Publications
Honorable Mention: Icon of Modernism (978-0-915977-95-6) by Sarah Kate Gillespie, Janice Simon, Meredith E. Ward, and Kimberly Orcutt, Georgia Museum of Art
Honorable Mention: Inside Art Direction: Interviews and Case Studies (978-1-4725-6910-3) by Steven Brower, Bloomsbury
Autobiography & Memoir
Gold: Girl (978-0-253-02235-6) by Alona Frankel, Indiana University Press
Silver: Girl Walks out of a Bar (978-1-59079-321-3) by Lisa F. Smith, SelectBooks
Bronze: My Sister's Mother (978-0-299-30850-6) by Donna Solecka Urbikas, University of Wisconsin Press
Honorable Mention: The Sea Is Quiet Tonight (978-0-9967103-3-6) by Michael H Ward, Querelle Press
Editor's Choice Prize Nonfiction: Lois Lenski (978-0-8061-5386-5) by Bobbie Malone, University of Oklahoma Press
Gold: Such Mad Fun (978-0-9974823-0-0) by Robin R. Cutler, View Tree Press
Silver: Levi Strauss (978-1-62534-229-4) by Lynn Downey, University of Massachusetts Press
Bronze: Worst. President. Ever. (978-1-4930-2483-4) by Robert Strauss, Lyons Press (an imprint of Globe Pequot)
Body, Mind & Spirit
Gold: How Whole Brain Thinking Can Save the Future (978-1-57983-051-9) by James Olson, Origin Press
Silver: A Peace of My Mind: American Stories (978-0-692-76084-0) by John Noltner (author, photographer), John Noltner Photography
Bronze: Why Is the Dalai Lama Always Smiling? (978-0-9905711-0-0) by Lama Tsomo, Namchak Publishing
Honorable Mention: Meridian Massage (978-0-9969718-1-2) by Cindy Black, Black & Butje
Business & Economics
Gold: Mobilized (978-1-62656-740-5) by SC Moatti, Berrett-Koehler
Silver: The Journey of Not Knowing (978-0-9978139-0-6) by Julie Benezet, Morton Hill Press
Bronze: Next Generation Leaders (978-0-9862531-2-6) by Sharon Goldinger (editor) and Michael Levin (compiler), Third Bridge Press
Honorable Mention: Tools for Grassroots Activists (978-1-938340-44-4) by Nora Gallagher (editor) and Lisa Myers (editor), Patagonia
Gold: Power Your Career (978-1-59298-703-0) by Nancy Burke and Richard Dodson, Beaver's Pond Press
Silver: Job Hunting Ninja Master 2017 (978-0-9982384-0-1) by Frank McClain, Frank McClain
Bronze: Ace Your Teacher Interview (978-1-68157-004-4) by Anthony D Fredericks, Blue River Press
Honorable Mention: LinkedIn in 30 Minutes (2nd Edition) (978-1-939924-52-0) by Angela Rose, i30 Media
Coloring Books
Gold: Daydreams Coloring Book (978-1-4236-4556-6) by Hanna Karlzon (illustrator), Gibbs Smith
Silver: The Coloring Book of Cards and Envelopes (978-0-7636-9245-2) by Nosy Crow and Rebecca Jones (illustrator), Candlewick Press
Bronze: Creation Through Colour (978-0-9949892-0-8) by H.E. Stewart and Sarah Stewart, Tudor House Press
Honorable Mention: Abundance (978-0-9704778-3-5) by Kristen M. Hains (author, editor), Denali & Co.
Honorable Mention: Painterly Days (978-0-7643-5091-7) by Kristy Rice, Schiffer Publishing
Gold: Little Flower Baking (978-1-938849-60-2) by Christine Moore, Staci Valentine (photographer), and Cecilia Leung (contributor), Prospect Park Books
Silver: But My Family Would Never Eat Vegan! (978-1-61519-342-4) by Kristy Turner, The Experiment
Bronze: James Beard's All-American Eats: Recipes and Stories from Our Best-Loved Local Restaurants (978-0-8478-4746-4) by The James Beard Foundation, Anya Hoffman (editor), and James Lincoln Collier (photographer), Rizzoli
Honorable Mention: World of Warcraft: The Official Cookbook (978-1-60887-804-8) by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel, Insight Editions
Crafts & Hobbies
Gold: The Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling (978-1-59714-315-8) by John Muir Laws, Heyday
Silver: A Legacy Preserved (978-1-935754-83-1) by Harvey Lewis, University of Louisiana at Lafayette Press
Bronze: Tussie Mussies (978-0-692-66515-2) by Irene Deitsch, Marene Press
Honorable Mention: Star Wars Felt (978-1-62686-656-0) by Aimee Ray, Thunder Bay Press
Ecology & Environment
Gold: Tools for Grassroots Activists (978-1-938340-44-4) by Nora Gallagher (editor) and Lisa Myers (editor), Patagonia
Silver: A Global Warming Primer (978-1-937548-78-0) by Jeffrey Bennett, Big Kid Science
Bronze: The Permaculture Promise (978-1-61212-427-8) by Jono Neiger, Storey Publishing
Honorable Mention: Tracking Gobi Grizzlies (978-1-938340-62-8) by Douglas H. Chadwick, Patagonia
Gold: Education to Better Their World (978-0-8077-5790-1) by Marc Prensky, Teachers College Press
Silver: Discovering the Culture of Childhood (978-1-60554-462-5) by Emily Plank, Redleaf Press
Bronze: Loose Parts 2 (978-1-60554-464-9) by Lisa Daly and Miriam Beloglovsky, Redleaf Press
Honorable Mention: Mindful Assessment (978-1-942496-88-5) by Lee Watanabe Crockett and Andrew Churches, Solution Tree Press
Gold: Movement Matters (978-1-943370-03-0) by Katy Bowman, Propriometrics Press
Silver: Sublime Physick (978-0-8032-3984-5) by Patrick Madden, University of Nebraska Press
Bronze: Harbors (978-0-9971938-1-7) by Donald Edem Quist, Awst Press
Honorable Mention: Poke a Stick at It (978-0-8061-5395-7) by Connie Cronley, University of Oklahoma Press
Family & Relationships
Gold: Flying Couch (978-1-936787-28-9) by Amy Kurzweil, Black Balloon Publishing
Silver: Beyond Rain Man (978-0-9970400-0-5) by Anne K. Ross, Leatherback Press
Bronze: My Son Wears Heels (978-0-299-31060-8) by Julie Tarney, University of Wisconsin Press
Honorable Mention: Help Me! (978-0-9972292-1-9) by Richard B. Joelson, Health Psychology Press
Gold: 15 Years of War (978-0-9970908-0-2) by Kristine Schellhaas, Life Publishing
Silver: Dying in Dubai (978-1-62720-115-5) by Roselee Blooston, Apprentice House Press, Loyola University Maryland
Bronze: Tributes to Lost Children (978-0-9908547-0-8) by Rod Mebane, Starshine Galaxy Foundation NFP
Honorable Mention: Death: An Exploration (978-0-692-65164-3) by Loren Mayshark, Red Scorpion Press
Gold: Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well (978-1-943370-02-3) by Roland Denzel and Galina Denzel, Propriometrics Press
Silver: The Craving Brain (978-1-5115-5447-3) by W. Anderson Spickard Jr., James B., and Barbara Thompson, CreateSpace
Bronze: The New Primal Blueprint (978-1-939563-30-9) by Mark Sisson, Primal Blueprint Publishing
Honorable Mention: Breast Cancer Clear & Simple (978-1-60443-236-7) by American Cancer Society, American Cancer Society
Gold: The Texas Frontier and the Butterfield Overland Mail, 1858-1861 (978-0-8061-5221-9) by Glen Sample Ely, University of Oklahoma Press
Silver: The 1916 Irish Rebellion (978-0-268-03614-0) by Bríona Nic Dhiarmada, The University of Notre Dame Press
Bronze: No Day Shall Erase You: The Story of 9/11 as Told at the September 11 Museum (978-0-8478-4947-5) by Alice M. Greenwald, Skira Rizzoli
Honorable Mention: A Medieval Woman's Companion (978-1-78570-079-8) by Susan Morrison, Oxbow Books
Home & Garden
Gold: Sticks and Stones (978-1-4236-3758-5) by Lew French, Gibbs Smith
Silver: Victory Gardens for Bees (978-1-77162-053-6) by Lori Weidenhammer, Douglas & McIntyre
Bronze: Grow Create Inspire (978-0-86571-837-1) by Crystal Stevens, New Society Publishers
Honorable Mention: Home Decor Cheat Sheets (978-1-61243-554-1) by Jessica Probus and Alice Mongkongllite, Ulysses Press
Honorable Mention: One Magic Square Vegetable Gardening (978-1-61519-325-7) by Lolo Houbein, The Experiment
Gold: I'm Dyin' Here (978-1-941932-06-3) by Tim Grobaty, Brown Paper Press
Silver: Vagabonding with Kids (978-1-61254-914-9) by AK Turner, Brown Books Publishing Group
Bronze: Uncle John's Uncanny Bathroom Reader (978-1-62686-759-8) by Bathroom Readers' Institute, Portable Press
Honorable Mention: Invasion of the Bastard Cannibals (978-1-987857-69-6) by Nathan Weathington, Promontory Press
Gold: BALLS (978-1-62634-325-2) by Chris Edwards, Green Leaf
Silver: Ask Me About Polyamory (978-0-9964601-1-8) by Kimchi Cuddles, Thorntree Press
Bronze: Housewife (978-0-9977901-0-8) by Kristin K. Collier, Abbondanza Publishing
Honorable Mention: The Gender Creative Child (978-1-61519-306-6) by Diane Ehrensaft, The Experiment
Gold: Treasured Lands (978-1-944903-00-8) by QT Luong, Cameron + Company
Silver: Wolf Land (978-0-9848113-2-8) by Carter Niemeyer, BottleFly Press
Bronze: How to Read Water (978-1-61519-358-5) by Tristan Gooley, The Experiment
Honorable Mention: When Mountain Lions Are Neighbors (978-1-59714-346-2) by Beth Pratt-Bergstrom, Heyday/National Wildlife Federation
Performing Arts & Music
Gold: Woody Guthrie L.A. 1937 - 1941 (978-1-62640-030-6) by Darryl Holter, William F Deverell, and Jon Stich (illustrator), Angel City Press
Silver: Heaven Was Detroit (978-0-8143-4122-3) by M. L. Liebler (editor), Wayne State University Press
Bronze: Eddie Green (978-1-59393-966-3) by Elva Diane Green, BearManor Media
Honorable Mention: Metallica: Back to the Front (978-1-60887-746-1) by Matt Taylor, Insight Editions
Pets & Animals
Gold: Lead with Your Heart (978-1-61212-734-7) by Allan Hamilton, Storey
Silver: Senior Dogs Across America (978-0-7643-5111-2) by Nancy LeVine and Dr. Marty Becker (contributor), Schiffer Publishing
Bronze: The Art of War...According to Cats (978-1-5301-9477-3) by Miko The Cat, Kingfisher Press
Honorable Mention: Tracking Gobi Grizzlies (978-1-938340-62-8) by Douglas H. Chadwick, Patagonia
Gold: I Want You to Be (978-0-268-10072-8) by Tomáš Halík, University of Notre Dame Press
Silver: What is Reality (978-1-59079-391-6) by Ervin Laszlo, SelectBooks
Bronze: Kant’s Philosophy of Communication (978-0-8207-0486-9) by G. L. Ercolini, Duquesne University Press
Gold: If I Live to Be 100: The Wisdom of Centenarians (978-1-59962-135-7) by Allison Milionis and Paul Mobley (photographer), Welcome Books
Silver: Focus on Playwrights (978-1-61117-715-2) by Susan Johann, University of South Carolina Press
Bronze: Darwin's Pigeons (978-0-9568784-1-0) by Richard Bailey, BH editions
Honorable Mention: Pure Quill (978-1-934491-54-6) by Susan Hallsten McGarry and Barbara Van Cleve (photographer), SF Design, llc / Fresco Books
Honorable Mention: Treasured Lands (978-1-944903-00-8) by QT Luong, Cameron + Company
Gold: 100 Days (978-1-77212-121-6) by Juliane Okot Bitek, University of Alberta Press
Silver: Winterkill (978-1-61186-196-9) by Todd Davis, Michigan State University Press
Bronze: System of Ghosts (978-1-60938-401-2) by Lindsay Tigue, University of Iowa Press
Honorable Mention: Lying in the River's Dark Bed (978-0-8143-4198-8) by Michael Delp, Wayne State University Press
Political Science
Gold: Congress, Presidents, and American Politics (978-0-253-02086-4) by Lee H. Hamilton, Indiana University Press
Gold: The Gilded Rage (978-1-5107-1428-1) by Alexander Zaitchik, Hot Books
Silver: The Voting Rights War (978-1-4422-6689-6) by Gloria J. Browne-Marshall, Rowman & Littlefield
Bronze: Man Enough? (978-1-56656-083-2) by Jackson Katz, Interlink Books
Honorable Mention: When Money Talks (978-1-62656-576-0) by Derek Cressman, Berrett-Koehler
Popular Culture
Gold: Labyrinth: The Ultimate Visual History (978-1-60887-810-9) by Paula M. Block and Terry J Erdmann, Insight Editions
Silver: Manus × Machina (978-1-58839-592-4) by Andrew Bolton and Nicholas Alan Cope (photographer), The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Bronze: The Aloha Shirt (978-1-938340-56-7) Patagonia
Honorable Mention: Bad Clowns (978-0-8263-5666-6) by Benjamin Radford, University of New Mexico Press
Honorable Mention: California Jesus (978-1-57951-230-9) by Mike Marinacci, Ronin Publishing
Gold: Depression in Later Life (978-1-4422-5582-1) by Deborah Serani, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Silver: The Science of Shame (978-1-62491-074-6) by Gerald Loren Fishkin, Parkhurst Brothers Publishers
Bronze: i-Minds (978-0-86571-825-8) by Mari K. Swingle, New Society Publishers
Honorable Mention: Hungry For Touch (978-0-9968228-0-0) by Laureen Marie Peltier, Inhoe Press
Honorable Mention: In the Wake of Trauma (978-0-8207-0498-2) by Eric Severson (editor), Brian W. Becker (editor), and David M. Goodman (editor), Duquesne University Press
Gold: Artifacts of the Battle of Little Big Horn (978-0-7643-5147-1) by Will Hutchison, Schiffer Publishing
Silver: An Encyclopedia of South Carolina Jazz and Blues Musicians (978-1-61117-621-6) by Benjamin Franklin V, University of South Carolina Press
Bronze: Handbook of the Irish Revival (978-0-268-10131-2) by Declan Kiberd (editor) and P. J. Mathews (editor), University of Notre Dame Press
Honorable Mention: Hidden Hemingway (978-1-60635-273-1) by Robert K. Elder, Aaron Vetch, and Mark Cirino, Kent State University Press
Gold: From Cows to Concrete (978-1-62640-031-3) by Rachel Surls and Judith B Gerber, Angel City Press
Silver: The Aloha Shirt (978-1-938340-56-7) Patagonia
Bronze: Tudor Place (978-1-931917-56-8) by Leslie L. Buhler, White House Historical Association
Honorable Mention: Wisconsin on the Air (978-0-87020-761-7) by Jack Mitchell, Wisconsin Historical Society Press
Gold: Uncommon Prayer (978-0-268-10001-8) by Michael Plekon, University of Notre Dame Press
Silver: The Invisible Bestseller (978-0-8028-6913-5) by Kenneth A. Briggs, Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
Bronze: Keeping Kyrie (978-0-9977588-0-1) by Emily Christensen and Nathan Christensen (editor), HWC Press
Honorable Mention: Becoming Amish (978-0-9973733-0-1) by Jeff Smith, Dance Hall Press
Gold: The Aliens Are Coming! (978-1-61519-365-3) by Ben Miller, The Experiment
Silver: The Sting of the Wild (978-1-4214-1928-2) by Justin O. Schmidt, Johns Hopkins University Press
Bronze: Nesiritide (978-1-4917-9764-8) by Roger M. Mills, iUniverse
Honorable Mention: A Parent's Guide to Video Games (978-1-5373-5983-0) by Dr. Rachel Kowert, CreateSpace
Gold: Note to Self (978-1-63152-113-3) by Laurie Buchanan, PhD, She Writes Press
Silver: The Gift of Hard Things (978-0-8308-4608-5) by Mark Yaconelli, InterVarsity Press
Bronze: Scared Speechless (978-1-63265-042-9) by Steve Rohr and Shirley Impellizzeri, Career Press
Honorable Mention: Cyber Crisis - It's Personal Now (978-0-9913835-0-4) by William Keiper, FirstGlobal Partners LLC dba FirstGlobal Media
Honorable Mention: The Tao of Running (978-1-78255-075-4) by Gary Dudney, Meyer & Meyer Sport
Social Sciences
Gold: This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism (978-0-9969347-0-1) by Ashton Applewhite, Networked Books
Silver: Painting By Numbers (978-0-9984259-0-0) by Jason Makansi, Layla Dog Press
Bronze: The Texas Frontier and the Butterfield Overland Mail, 1858-1861 (978-0-8061-5221-9) by Glen Sample Ely, University of Oklahoma Press
Honorable Mention: Race, Riots, and the Police (978-1-62637-558-1) by Howard Rahtz, Lynne Rienner Publishers
Honorable Mention: Why Knocked Up? (978-1-5035-9945-1) by Carol Cassell, Xlibris
Gold: The Final Season (978-1-62190-272-0) by Maria Cornelius, University of Tennessee Press
Silver: Baseball's No-Hit Wonders (978-1-60953-125-6) by Dirk Lammers, Unbridled Books
Bronze: West Texas Middleweight (978-0-89672-975-9) by Frank Sikes, Texas Tech University Press
Honorable Mention: The Tao of Running (978-1-78255-075-4) by Gary Dudney, Meyer & Meyer Sport
Gold: A Guide to Mystical France (978-1-84409-685-5) by Nick Inman, Findhorn Press
Silver: Treasured Lands (978-1-944903-00-8) by QT Luong, Cameron + Company
Bronze: Grandfather Mountain (978-1-4696-2699-4) by Randy Johnson, University of North Carolina Press
Honorable Mention: Through Early Yellowstone (978-0-9858182-6-5) by Ray Stannard Baker, Nathaniel P. Langford, Elwood Hofer, Anne Bosworth Greene, Frank D. Lenz, Janet Chapple (editor), and Thomas H. Thomas (illustrator), Granite Peak Publications
True Crime
Gold: Terror in the City of Champions (978-1-4930-1570-2) by Tom Stanton, Lyons Press (an imprint of Globe Pequot)
Silver: We Have Your Daughter (978-1-63226-077-2) by Paula Woodward, Prospecta Press
Bronze: CrimeSong (978-1-945049-03-3) by Richard H. Underwood, Shadelandhouse Modern Press
Honorable Mention: Dark Highway (978-1-941953-32-7) by Ann DAngelo, Butler Books
Honorable Mention: The Last Master Outlaw (978-0-9977404-3-1) by Thomas J. Colbert and Tom Szollosi, Jacaranda Roots Publishing
War & Military
Gold: The Long Goodbye (978-1-55571-794-0) by Michael Archer, Hellgate Press
Silver: Hopeless but Optimistic (978-0-253-02285-1) by Douglas A. Wissing, Indiana University Press
Bronze: After (978-0-9966235-4-4) by R.J. Belle, RJ Belle Books
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Graphic Novels & Comics

Graphic Novels & Comics
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Augmented Reality
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Child Author (17 and Under)
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