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Book Review


by Laura Leavitt

John Freeman, the former editor of Granta, edited this collection on power. Its stories and poems are astonishing in their global breadth, featuring chilling and vivid perspectives on brutal and sublime assertions of power in life around... Read More

Book Review

A Light of Her Own

by Hannah Hohman

"A Light of Her Own" is a beautifully crafted story set in seventeenth-century Holland, in which two women navigate the law, destiny, and their unstoppable ambition. Painting is Judith Leyster’s passion and calling, and she will not be... Read More

Book Review

The Broadcast 41

by Rachel Jagareski

Carol A. Stabile explores the “cleansing” of progressive women writers, artists, and performers from postwar American television in "The Broadcast 41". It’s a chilling account of how FBI and conservative leaders worked to cement... Read More

Book Review

The Moving Blade

by Benjamin Welton

Fun and thrilling throughout, "The Moving Blade" is an excellent potboiler. Michael Pronko’s action-packed mystery novel "The Moving Blade" is an excellent addition to the popular and critically acclaimed Detective Hiroshi series, full... Read More

Book Review

The Frighteners

by Linda Thorlakson

In The Frighteners: A Journey Through Our Cultural Fascination with the Macabre, Reverend Peter Laws simultaneously serves as scholarly tour guide and terror-driven participant through terrains inhabited by vampires, biblical characters,... Read More

Book Review

John Woman

by Matt Grant

Walter Mosley’s unconventional novel "John Woman" follows a renegade history professor with a dark secret. Cornelius Jones is the biracial son of a brilliant black man from Mississippi and an Italian-American woman. When his father... Read More

Book Review


by Linda Thorlakson

Is Merilyn Simonds’s "Refuge" a fictional memoir, a historical novel, or an exploration of the causes and results of seeking refuge? It’s all three, as it turns out, and a mystery besides. Questions hover over ninety-six-year-old... Read More

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