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Book Review

A Diary in the Age of Water

by Bianca Bowers

Lyrical and dystopian, "A Diary in the Age of Water" is as much an ode to water as it is a cautionary tale about the dire implications of climate change. Nina Munteanu’s engrossing science fiction novel, A Diary in the Age of Water,... Read More

Book Review

Road Seven

by John M. Murray

In Keith Rosson’s chilling novel "Road Seven", two men set out in search of the unknown, but karma catches up to them. Mark is a disgraced cryptozoologist who’s eager to leave the country; he hopes to escape the darkness of his past.... Read More

2019 BRONZE Winner for Multicultural

2019 BRONZE Winner for Graphic Novels & Comics

2019 GOLD Winner for Science

2019 Finalist for Autobiography & Memoir

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