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Book Review

Pretend Plumber

by Addissyn House

In the coming-of-age novel "Pretend Plumber", an LGBTQ+ girl learns to navigate her Los Angeles life with authenticity. In Stephanie Barbé Hammer’s new adult novel "Pretend Plumber", a thirteen-year-old questions how she fits into her... Read More

Book Review

Hotel Highway Very Most Famous

by Aleena Ortiz

A woman seeks meaning and connections after being abandoned by her husband in the musing novel "Hotel Highway Very Most Famous". Sudha Challa’s spiritual novel "Hotel Highway Very Most Famous" is about a woman’s triumphs and despairs... Read More

Book Review

Escape to the Wildey

by Jeremiah Rood

"Escape to the Wildey" is a fun romantic thriller that proves that you are never too old to find love and adventure. David Kempher’s zany romantic thriller "Escape to the Wildey" follows an older couple on a wild adventure. Elderly... Read More

Book Review

Everyday Superheroes

by Karen Rigby

Science is an accessible career path for all, as displayed by the pioneering women in the biographical compilation "Everyday Superheroes". Erin Twamley, Katie Mehnert, and Joshua Sneideman’s "Everyday Superheroes" continues an... Read More

Book Review

Hello Up There!

by Kristine Morris

"Hello Up There!" is an affirming picture book in which a physically disabled boy learns that he can’t be stopped from having rich life experiences. In Judi Buenaflor’s warm picture book "Hello Up There!", a friendly giraffe teaches... Read More

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