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The Quantum Revelation

A Radical Synthesis of Science and Spirituality

In The Quantum Revelation, Paul Levy focuses on aspects of quantum theory to propose a merging of science and spiritual awareness.

The likely response to any mention of quantum physics is a “count me out” roll of the eyes. It’s hard to envision the behavior of elements that cannot be seen, whose reality is hard to imagine.

According to quantum physics, nothing fully exists until it is observed—and the act of observation changes what’s observed, so that tiny changes constantly ripple through the rest of the universe. “Reality” has an ever-shifting, dreamlike structure. As conscious observers, we are—like it or not—part of it all. The premise of The Quantum Revelation is that acknowledging this dreamlike structure and embracing our role as co-creators will open doors to a new spiritual awakening.

The book is divided into two halves. Part I, The Physics of Dreaming, attempts to the lay the groundwork for an understanding of the baffling concept of the dreamlike nature of reality. Part II, Quantum Metaphysics, posits and explores the groundbreaking connection between physics and spirituality.

Although the book says no knowledge of quantum physics is needed, a grounding in the basics or a willingness to seek clarity from outside sources will be helpful, as the writing often lapses into jargon or wanders into asides. Adding to the lack of clarity is the text’s penchant for over-quoting from others. This leads to a cacophony of voices that are confusing in their lack of context. The concepts in Part II are easier to grasp, though hyperbole and uncritical enthusiasm for quoted material often muddies the waters. Sweeping conclusions can be inspiring, but too often fail to show how they were arrived at.

Paul Levy’s The Quantum Revelation posits an intriguing, even ground-shaking idea about how we live in the universe.

Reviewed by Susan Waggoner

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