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Book Review

Norse Hearts

by Karen Rigby

The novel doesn’t gloss over the realities of Viking life but is careful to draw characters with shaded nuances. Robynn Gabel’s bristling ninth-century romance "Norse Hearts" forges an unlikely match against the violence of the era.... Read More

Book Review

Say What You Mean

by Kristine Morris

Words can hurt, and they can heal. We need only look around us these days to see how the words we use, and the ways we use them, can create or destroy individuals, families, communities, even nations. In these chaotic times, Oren Jay... Read More

Book Review

Winter's Graces

by Kristine Morris

In cultures where elders are valued, the greeting “You look old today” is seen as a compliment. This is not the case in the United States, where aging is often seen as an embarrassing decline into misery, especially for women. In... Read More

Book Review

The Melancholy Howl

by Claire Foster

Dabbing and elk hunters make bloody companions in "The Melancholy Howl", the fifth Allison Coil mystery from Mark Stevens. Legalized retail and recreational marijuana has come to Colorado, but instead of creating a mellow atmosphere, the... Read More

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