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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that are available for $16.95.

Book Review


by Jeff Fleischer

Jon Bentley of the popular British show Top Gear examines recent innovations in automotive technology and considers what they portend for the industry in Autopia: The Future of Cars. The book’s discussions of topics like driverless... Read More

Book Review

One Simple Thing

by Ho Lin

Rodney is a twelve-year-old with a predilection for adult comics who’s stuck in Hope, a dead end Wyoming town. Nadine is a wary drifter on the run from life and failed relationships, shacked up in the backwoods of Washington state.... Read More

Book Review

High-Vibe Feng Shui

by Meg Nola

Ashley Cantley’s "High-Vibe Feng Shui" reworks the traditional Chinese philosophy of design and natural harmony, making it more accessible and less intimidating. Cantley is a certified Feng Shui professional with experience as a design... Read More

Book Review

Stoop City

by Elaine Chiew

Concentrated most in a pocket of downtown Toronto, Kristyn Dunnion’s short story collection "Stoop City" is poetic in addressing disaffected urbanites: vagabonds, the poor, strung-out people, and those marginalized by society because... Read More

Book Review

A Recipe for Daphne

by Claire Foster

In Nektaria Anastasiadou’s Istanbul-set romance "A Recipe for Daphne", history and culture influence three people brought together by their shared identities. At seventy-six, armed with Viagra and his irrepressible desire for love,... Read More

Book Review


by Ho Lin

The middle grade fantasy "Creeples!" mixes heady scientific speculation with giddy fun. With a boisterous collision of magical science fiction and rowdy comedy, Patrick D. Pidgeon’s middle grade novel "Creeples!" begins on an ominous... Read More

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