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Book Review


by Jeana Jorgensen

Kirins: The Seer of Serone is a whimsical fantasy novel about the power of friendship and tradition. James Priest’s charming fantasy novel Kirins: The Seer of Serone depicts a resilient magical race grappling with the unforgiving world... Read More

Book Review

Floridian Nights

by Karen Rigby

A gay widower contends with bereavement and new love in "Floridian Nights", Lance Ringel’s plaintive romance novel set during the late 1980s AIDS epidemic. At thirty-five, prickly, brooding Gary meets Rick, a twenty-two-year-old waiter... Read More

Book Review

Under a Poacher’s Moon

by Matt Benzing

In the novel "Under a Poacher’s Moon", a woman facing an uncertain future undertakes an exciting adventure in the African bush. In W. Aaron Vandiver’s thought-provoking novel "Under a Poacher’s Moon", a divorced woman in her middle... Read More

Book Review

All the Names Given

by Matt Sutherland

If the ability to hold two opposing thoughts at the same time and still function is a sign of intellect, what are we to make of Raymond Antrobus’s depth of awareness, originality, and empathy—all turned inside out and refracted into... Read More

Book Review

Somebody Loves You

by Rebecca Foster

In poet Mona Arshi’s debut novel "Somebody Loves You", Ruby, who was born to Indian parents in England, stopped talking at school. She goes to see various therapists. Her older sister, Rania, is artistic but morbid. The girls’ mother... Read More

Book Review

Win Me Something

by Eileen Gonzalez

A young woman figures out how to belong in Kyle Lucia Wu’s novel "Win Me Something". Willa isn’t passionate about being a nanny, but it beats working at another coffee shop. Her latest charge is Bijou, a precocious nine-year-old next... Read More

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