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Book Review

Drain the Marsh

by Eileen Gonzalez

"Drain the Marsh" mixes historical and current events with healthy dollops of fantasy for a modern and timely political satire. A playwright and a demagogue stumble along their chosen career paths in Catherine Baird’s historical comedy... Read More

Book Review

Iced Out

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

It isn’t easy being an awkward narwhal or a shy walrus in Miss Blubber’s School for Arctic Mammals, especially when all the other students are seals; it isn’t long before Neville and Wilfred begin to dread attending class. When a... Read More

Book Review

Forgiveness Dies

by Benjamin Welton

J. J. Hensley’s political thriller "Forgiveness Dies" boasts a unique private investigator, Trevor Galloway. Galloway, a former narcotics officer who survived an Eastern European drug gang’s torture, is back in Pittsburgh and needs... Read More

Book Review

King Shaka

by Peter Dabbene

Based on African history, delivered in dramatic style, and intended for middle and high school audiences, "King Shaka" tells the fascinating story of a monarch’s life, diplomatic efforts, military campaigns, and death. From 1816 to... Read More

Book Review

Mighty Justice

by Meg Nola

Dovey Johnson Roundtree’s powerful memoir "Mighty Justice" covers her devotion to legal, racial, and gender equality. Roundtree was born in 1914, and in her 104 years worked as both an attorney and a minister to fight for the rights of... Read More

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