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Book Review

Science and Beyond

by Kristine Morris

"Science and Beyond" combines science and philosophy to argue that a new understanding of the limitations of science is needed to avoid global catastrophe. Focusing on rampant misconceptions about science, researcher and teacher Rolf... Read More

Book Review

What's Eating the Universe?

by Rebecca Foster

Dark matter, black holes, dark energy: with all this shadowy terminology in play, it’s no wonder when laypeople find cosmology off-putting, so What’s Eating the Universe? illumines the mysteries of quantum physics in a nonthreatening... Read More

Book Review

A Matter of Scale

by Eileen Gonzalez

"A Matter of Scale" is a beginner’s guide to low-carbon energy sources and the role they may play in a more environmentally friendly future. In his science book "A Matter of Scale", Preston Charles Urka lays out his case for ramping up... Read More

Book Review

The Kissing Bug

by Susan Waggoner

In "The Kissing Bug", Daisy Hernández recounts watching her aunt die from a little known or understood disease. Years later, Hernández set out to learn more, and entered into a harrowing medical mystery. Hernández’s memories of her... Read More

Book Review

Chemistry for Breakfast

by Melissa Wuske

Dr. Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim’s "Chemistry for Breakfast" is a delightful, mentally stimulating popular science book. This chemist’s-eye view of daily life brings out curiosity that is both intelligent and childlike. Nguyen-Kim’s love for... Read More

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