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Book Review

Writing Wild

by Kristine Morris

Kathryn Aalto’s "Writing Wild" celebrates the women writers who bring insight, grace, and power to nature writing, their perspectives urgent and necessary. Human survival is linked to the natural world, and Aalto asserts that... Read More

Book Review

The World Eats Here

by Rachel Jagareski

Six years ago, John Wang and Storm Garner pooled their talents to start the terrifically popular Queens Night Market. The venue brings together food vendors from diverse culinary traditions on summer Saturday nights. "The World Eats... Read More

Book Review

Coming Up for Air

by Michelle Anne Schingler

From the turn of the twentieth century into the present, the defiant and vivacious characters of Sarah Leipciger’s "Coming Up for Air" refuse to be suffocated by others’ expectations. In Paris, the haunting death mask of an unknown... Read More

Book Review

The Unseen

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Chronicling one generation of a hardscrabble island family’s life, Roy Jacobsen’s novel "The Unseen" is a pearlescent tribute to the alchemy of the sea. Ingrid, a bright-eyed child whose laughter is her family’s solace, is born on... Read More

Book Review

The Fort

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

Imagination and a love of fantasy transform an old fort in the woods into a grand castle one day and a pirate ship the next. A young prince and feisty pirate lass are at odds until they put their differences aside and join forces,... Read More

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