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Book Review


by Jessie Horness

“It’s high time they stop killing our people,” says a reverend in the opening of "Remembered". “If we don’t stop them now, it won’t ever stop.” Edward Freeman has died, publicly, tragically, and too young, and a tempest is... Read More

Book Review

Frying Plantain

by Tanisha Rule

Internal culture clashes are at the center of the twelve intersecting parts that make up "Frying Plantain", in which a girl grows from a timid, eager-to-belong child into a confident young adult and discovers what it means to break away... Read More

Book Review


by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

Haunted and haunting, Yelena Moskovich’s "Virtuoso" shifts through gradients of the past and the present, capturing the tumult and change of the 1990s and early 2000s in Czechoslovakia, the US, and France. Told through multiple unique,... Read More

Book Review

The Seep

by Michelle Anne Schingler

The invasion was gentler than expected: The Seep entered the water supply, melded with people, and dulled their fears, offering them a future free of pain, need, and death. But there are some who find this new utopia wanting. Chana... Read More

Book Review

The Road to Urbino

by Tanisha Rule

"The Road to Urbino" moves between Sri Lanka, the UK, and Italy, illuminating how each locale touches and irreparably changes its cast of characters throughout their lives. Ras is in jail. His crime: the theft of The Flagellation of... Read More

Book Review

The Little Palace

by Rachel Jagareski

Narcisse is the virtuoso black cat chef at Le Minipalais and the central figure in Jeffrey Erlacher’s delightful middle grade novel, "The Little Palace". Animals and humans work together at the Paris restaurant, an oasis of food, art,... Read More

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