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Mars One: Humanity's Next Great Adventure

Inside the First Human Settlement on Mars

An overview of the project to colonize Mars that will feed the imaginations of those interested in space travel.

Mars One: Humanity’s Next Great Adventure serves as an effective primer for the Mars One project, whose goal is the establishment of a human settlement on Mars.

The Mars One Foundation, and the associated Mars One Corporation, plan one-way manned missions to Mars, with the selected astronauts serving as the pioneers and founders of an ongoing Mars colony. Editor Norbert Kraft, a medical doctor with extensive experience researching space flight’s effect on the human body, and his coeditors, James and Raye Kass, both doctors of philosophy, serve as guides for Mars One, an overview of the project. The book is divided into four sections: Technical and Medical Skills, Health and Fitness; Culture, Cohesion, and Compatibility; With the Whole World Watching; and Life on Mars. In each section’s chapters, an impressive array of experts discuss everything from keeping fit on Mars, to keeping sane in cramped quarters, to surviving reality television, with every move under constant scrutiny.

Throughout the book are quotes from actual applicants to the Mars One program, explaining why they are willing to leave their former lives behind. These quotes provide fascinating glimpses into the psyches of the potential settlers of Mars, as they invoke utopian ideals, as well as practical explanations of why going to Mars will improve humanity’s long-term odds of survival.

Mars One‘s biggest flaw lies not in its content, but in what is absent. There’s little discussion of the actual funding and budgeting of the Mars One plan, just a strong conviction that the endeavor will be of such thorough and enduring interest to the world that filming and broadcasting the process, along with donations from the public, will produce much of the revenue required to pay the bills. While that’s certainly possible, the lack of specifics diminishes from the overall sense of professionalism that Mars One is hoped to convey.

Even if Mars One (the mission) never gets off the ground, Mars One (the book) will feed the imagination of anyone with an interest in space or the future of humanity on other worlds.

Reviewed by Peter Dabbene

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