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Book Review

Outrageously Organized

by Cheryl Hibbard

Ten professional clutter-busters and simplicity specialists offer their best organizational tips in a fun and helpful collection called "Outrageously Organized". In each of the numerous short chapters, with cute titles like “Turn Piles... Read More

Book Review

My First Ladies

by Gabriela Worrel

Nancy Clarke reveals a treasured glimpse into the social life of the White House in "My First Ladies". With help from Christine Matheson, she recounts thirty years of experience arranging flowers there. As chief floral designer, Clarke... Read More

Book Review

New Classic Interiors

*When in Rome…*well, we all know what to do, but what about when we leave Rome? Roman-born art historian-turned-interior-designer Alessandra Branca knows exactly what to do. Her keen eye and imaginative designs have been coveted from... Read More

Book Review


Roy writes that this book is “totally devoted to the construction of a specific building, with all the various techniques described thoroughly enough so that the reader can replicate the project.” The author previously constructed... Read More

Book Review

Flower Sense

by Heather Shaw

Tricia Guild started UK-based Designers Guild in 1970. Since then, it has grown into a multimillion-dollar international home and lifestyle company. Taking inspiration from her world travels and her garden, Guild mixes large- and... Read More

Book Review

Trillion Dollar Women

by Marilyn Bowden

Women make 91% of home-buying decisions, holding the purse strings on about $2 trillion-worth of buying power annually, according to a Harvard study quoted here. Although they initiate 80% all remodeling projects, preconceptions die... Read More

Book Review

Backyards for Kids

by Ron Kaplan

Child development experts express concern that kids don’t get enough outdoor exercise these days. "Backyards for Kids" is just the book for those who want to create a safe, fun, and perhaps challenging home environment, regardless of... Read More

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