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Book Review

The Home Book

by Karen Ackland

"The Home Book" replaces personal opinions related to construction quality and workmanship in residential homebuilding with clear written guidelines. Not sure who to call when there’s a problem with your new home? "The Home Book"... Read More

Book Review

Home Chic

by Karen Rigby

Tasteful spreads, with notes from India Mahdavi, adorn this book of ideas for style on a budget. “Finding the perfect 30-dollar flea-market lamp for your Perriand table … is the decorative equivalent of finding a pair of H&M... Read More

Book Review

Outrageously Organized

by Cheryl Hibbard

Ten professional clutter-busters and simplicity specialists offer their best organizational tips in a fun and helpful collection called "Outrageously Organized". In each of the numerous short chapters, with cute titles like “Turn Piles... Read More

Book Review

My First Ladies

by Gabriela Worrel

Nancy Clarke reveals a treasured glimpse into the social life of the White House in "My First Ladies". With help from Christine Matheson, she recounts thirty years of experience arranging flowers there. As chief floral designer, Clarke... Read More

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