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Book Review

Imagine a House

by Linda Salisbury

Rondavels and manyattas, beehives and bataks. Just imagine what these houses look like! Most American children, who live in houses made of bricks, stone, or wood, and covered with stucco or vinyl siding, might find that a challenge... Read More

Book Review

The Woodburner's Companion

by Diane Conners

Already, news reports are quoting woodstove dealers as seeing a surge of new consumers due to skyrocketing prices of home heating oil and natural gas. This book arrives just in time to help these new users of an ancient heat source learn... Read More

Book Review

Safari Chic

by Dorothy Goepel

Whispering the word “safari” can release soothing images of an exotic continent locked away in the hearts of travelers fortunate enough to experience an uncommon journey to this realm or satisfied to be swallowed up by expeditions... Read More

Book Review

Meditations on Design

by Holly Wren Spaulding

Included among House Beautiful’s Top American Designers (1999), John Wheatman offers his philosophy and some practical guidance for individuals who want to improve their home with guidance and expertise from a book by a professional.... Read More

Book Review

Great Kitchens

by Jodee Taylor

Chefs, despite making their livings cooking, like to leave work and have all the same comforts and perks in their home kitchens. While some of these perks may be over-the-top for the average home kitchen, many of them provide good... Read More

Book Review

More Splash Than Cash Decorating Ideas

Here’s one book you can judge by its cover and title—they say it all. Thousands of decorating ideas include money-saving tips for repairing odds and ends (or junk) that one may have around the house that are under discard... Read More

Book Review

Natural Cleaning for Your Home

"Natural Cleaning for Your Home" is, remarkably, as much a coffee table book as a cleaning manual. Illustrated with 80 color photographs, 13 of which are hand-tinted, it makes cleaning look idyllic. Cozy stacks of earth-toned towels and... Read More

Book Review


by Cindy Patuszynski

Imagine buying a home without a mortgage. Mortgage-Free! Radical Strategies for Home Ownership suggests a creative strategy for doing just that, on the premise that one doesn’t have to be wealthy to pull it off. Author Rob Roy... Read More

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