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Book Review

Micro Living

by Karen Rigby

Forty eclectic examples of living large with less are brought to the fore in "Micro Living", Derek Diedricksen’s latest pioneering lifestyle work. The book spans the gap between veterans of the sustainability movement and those who are... Read More

Book Review

The Home Book

by Karen Ackland

"The Home Book" replaces personal opinions related to construction quality and workmanship in residential homebuilding with clear written guidelines. Not sure who to call when there’s a problem with your new home? "The Home Book"... Read More

Book Review

Home Chic

by Karen Rigby

Tasteful spreads, with notes from India Mahdavi, adorn this book of ideas for style on a budget. “Finding the perfect 30-dollar flea-market lamp for your Perriand table … is the decorative equivalent of finding a pair of H&M... Read More

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