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Profit like the Pros

The Best Real Estate Deals That Shaped Expert Investors

2020 INDIES Finalist
Finalist, Business & Economics (Adult Nonfiction)

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

The breezy, design-forward real estate text Profit like the Pros is a helpful guide to investment.

Ken Corsini, of “Flip or Flop Atlanta,” shares Profit like the Pros, a book about flipping fixer-uppers, distressed urban houses, and mobile home parks for aspiring entrepreneurs.

This detailed, step-by-step guide is about making a passive living by investing in the rehabilitation of often dilapidated residential properties. It shows prospective landlords and real estate speculators how to identify potential investment opportunities, and outlines how to get the best returns on investments while maintaining a flow of cash.

The book’s twenty-five educational case studies start with flashy, aesthetically pleasing profile drawings of people who made fortunes in real estate, sharing how each learned about investment opportunities, got started, and built their empires. Each entry is divided into sections like “Finding the Deal,” “Offer and Funding,” and “Takeaway” that have a textbook quality, while periodic “Insider Insights” breakout sections offer clarity on particular points.

The book is not meant to be read sequentially; instead, its information is presented in consumable portions that make it an accessible reference work. Relevant studies show how a substitute teacher profited off of land deals, cover investing without bank financing, and suggest ways of turning “a small Roth IRA into a huge payday.” These practical topics are addressed with specificity and are laser focused on pragmatic strategies; they include breakdowns of offers and counteroffers, and some broader context is lost in the process.

Corsini is a dynamic guide through his topic. His wording is precise and his sentence lengths vary; some lines are short by design, guaranteeing maximum impact. His compelling text is relatable as it reveals the human underbelly of business strategies, making it clear, through examples, why a real estate investor might make the jump from single family homes to multifamily properties.

Focused on making property flipping as lucrative as possible, the book maintains a clear focus on the financial interests of the property owners, including how they can maintain their lifestyles and attain early retirement. Buyers are somewhat anonymous in such assessments. Further, despite their variety, the book’s collected tales of paths to profitability come to seem repetitive after awhile. Their details blur into others, both reinforcing practices and losing some impact in their repetition. Still, these stories about investors making it are inspirational when taken on their own, presenting the successes of seasoned investors in a way that’s likely to fuel audience interest.

The breezy, design-forward real estate text Profit like the Pros is a helpful guide to investment.

Reviewed by Joseph S. Pete

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