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Book Review


by Karen Rigby

The novel emphasizes how, no matter the circumstances, there’s room for belief in a future. Niccolò Ammaniti imagines the fallout of an epidemic fever in his gripping, post-apocalyptic "Anna". "Anna" will inspire comparison with The... Read More

Book Review

Sisters of the Cross

by Meagan Logsdon

In gorgeous prose, the novel blends together seemingly disparate narratives to form a harmonious whole. In "Sisters of the Cross", Alexei Remizov captures the strata of human experiences via evocative imagery and scintillating language.... Read More

Book Review

A Girl in Exile

by Jon Arlan

"A Girl in Exile" is a striking exploration of love, art, paranoia, and the limits of freedom in a totalitarian state. "A Girl in Exile", from internationally acclaimed Albanian author and perennial Nobel Prize favorite Ismail Kadare, is... Read More

Book Review

The Restless

by Rebecca Foster

In Gerty Dambury’s "The Restless", living and dead members of a Guadeloupe neighborhood recount the tragic aftermath of a deadly protest. The novel is inspired by real events and a shocking cover-up. On May 24, 1967, a union strike in... Read More

Book Review

In Praise of Shadows

by Meg Nola

Rintoul’s narration is mellow and erudite, offering a vocal continuity to Tanizaki’s fascinating thoughts. "In Praise of Shadows", Junichiro Tanizaki’s 1933 essay on aspects of Japanese design and culture, finds a new dimension in... Read More

Book Review


by Meagan Logsdon

Interwoven with the stark realism of the novel are hints of a fairy tale. Simultaneously bleak and hopeful, Michael Köhlmeier’s "Yiza" traverses the expansive landscape of human suffering as seen through the eyes of displaced migrant... Read More

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