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Book Review

The Safe House

by Kristine Morris

Boltanski’s intimate tale walks a tightwire between darkness and light, melancholy and joy. When French journalist Christophe Boltanski decided, at the age of thirteen, to live with his grandparents, he entered a world apart. His "The... Read More

Book Review

For Two Thousand Years

by Kristen Rabe

This newly translated novel explores timeless themes of acceptance and struggle with power, grace, and insight. "For Two Thousand Years" is a profoundly moving novel that brilliantly captures the complex tensions of Eastern Europe prior... Read More

Book Review

Across the China Sea

by Meg Nola

A quietly luminous narrative follows five displaced children and reimagines the notion of family. In Gaute Heivoll’s "Across the China Sea", a son returns to his childhood home in rural Norway, prepared to clean out the house following... Read More

Book Review

Get Well Soon

by Monica Carter

A misanthropic lead makes this humorous, character-driven novel impossible to forget. Marie-Sabine Roger, author of Soft in the Head and Afternoons with Margueritte, continues with character-driven narratives in her third novel, "Get... Read More

Book Review

Island of Point Nemo

by Karen Rigby

Twisted humor provokes, while dense, finely tuned writing dazzles. "Island of Point Nemo" is a serpentine mystery by Jean-Marie Blas de Roblès. The story of a stolen diamond, murder, and an e-reader factory run by a Chinese voyeur takes... Read More

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