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Book Review


by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

João Gilberto Noll’s "Lord" opens with a cryptic quote from Iain Sinclair: “The secret interiors of these post-human fortresses solicit conspiracy, acts of sexual transgression. Illicit exchanges between dealers.” Aging and... Read More

Book Review

In Every Wave

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Piercing and compact, Charles Quimper’s novella "In Every Wave" follows a grief-consumed father through a vortex of regret and fragmented fantasies. Here, sorrow is an ocean, and lost possibilities lurk behind every swell. Spectral... Read More

Book Review

Mephisto's Waltz

by Meg Nola

Mephisto’s Waltz, a collection of short fiction by the late Mexican author Sergio Pitol, creates a world of eloquent transience, shifting from Mexico to Asia then into Warsaw, Ibiza, Bukhara, Vienna, Venice, and Rome. Pitol’s mastery... Read More

Book Review

I'll Go On

by Rebecca Hussey

Hwang Jungeun’s I’ll Go On brings to vibrant life one of the most vexing human dilemmas: how does a person go on after devastating loss? Sisters Sora and Nana are haunted by their father’s gruesome death and their mother’s... Read More

Book Review


by Daniel Schindel

An unusual mixture of biography, comedy, action, and analysis, "Explosions" takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to one of the most popular but artistically dismissed film directors working today. Mathieu Poulin positions Michael Bay as a... Read More

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