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Book Review

19 Souls

by Robin Farrell Edmunds

"19 Souls" introduces a memorable PI, grappling with a past he’s not reconciled to. Hard-edged Las Vegas private investigator Jim Bean takes on what he assumes is a by-the-numbers job locating a missing person, but he discovers too... Read More

Book Review

The Newspaper Widow

by Mya Alexice

While at first glance "The Newspaper Widow" seems like a standard historical mystery, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Cecilia Manguerra Brainard’s novel is full and complex, overflowing with textured, fully realized... Read More

Book Review

Searching for Papa Luna

by Kristine Morris

"Searching for Papa Luna" illuminates a troubled time in Church history and works to restore the legacy of a maligned pope. In Gordon K. Greene’s "Searching for Papa Luna", music historian Richard Taylor finds himself embroiled in... Read More

Book Review

Pressing Freedom

by John M. Murray

Propelled forward by looming threats, this thriller is packed with action and drama. A reporter enters a web of deception and corruption in "Pressing Freedom", a nested thriller from Roger Armbrust. Reeves Franklin, a retired Vietnam vet... Read More

Book Review

Tor's Lake

by Kristine Morris

Jennifer Mason’s Tor’s Lake is a deep dive into a dark, secret, and distorted world that holds glimmers of light at its heart. Dominatrix Elizabeth Cromwell is skilled in the use of whips, canes, and switches, when requested and... Read More

Book Review

The Prophesy Gene

by J. G. Stinson

"The Prophesy Gene" is an intriguing ecological thriller and adventure. Stuart D. Schooler’s "The Prophesy Gene" is a complex eco-thriller that employs elements of science fiction to draw its points out. Cousins Sarah and Michael... Read More

Book Review

Eye of the Moon

by Bradley A. Scott

Set in 1977, the novel has a timeless, eerie feeling. Wealth, family politics, and the occult make for a strangely captivating and exotic brew in Ivan Obolensky’s "Eye of the Moon". Wealthy playboy Johnny Dodge invites his childhood... Read More

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