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Book Review

Coma Dreams

by Joseph S. Pete

"Coma Dreams" is a pulse-pounding thriller that unflinchingly depicts the human propensity for self-destruction. N. Lawrence Mann’s "Coma Dreams" is a sui generis blend of psychological thriller with science fiction, exploring heavy... Read More

Book Review

The Throwaways

by Laura Leavitt

Suspenseful and thrilling, "The Throwaways" is a murder mystery with plenty of surprises. In L. S. Hawker’s fast mystery "The Throwaways", a character who’s in the wrong place at the wrong time faces new challenges. George Engle... Read More

Book Review

The Melancholy Howl

by Claire Foster

Dabbing and elk hunters make bloody companions in "The Melancholy Howl", the fifth Allison Coil mystery from Mark Stevens. Legalized retail and recreational marijuana has come to Colorado, but instead of creating a mellow atmosphere, the... Read More

Book Review

Record Scratch

by John M. Murray

J. J. Hensley’s enthralling detective novel "Record Scratch" blends music, violence, and mental health. While working as an undercover cop, Trevor Galloway was tortured with heroin; now, he can not only invoke visions of crime scenes,... Read More

Book Review

The Hubley Case

by Tanisha Rule

"The Hubley Case" is an enjoyable popular thriller helmed by a clear hero. In J. Lee’s thriller "The Hubley Case", ex-marine and present-day vigilante Ben Siebert commandeers an FBI case and goes head-to-head with unknown criminal... Read More

Book Review

Digging Up the Dead

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Throughout this appealing pulp mystery, the heroine chases ghosts both ancient and contemporary in pursuit of truth. A throwback to young woman sleuth novels of days past, Meredith Lee’s "Digging Up the Dead" is a cheerful mystery... Read More

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