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Book Review

The Moving Blade

by Benjamin Welton

Fun and thrilling throughout, "The Moving Blade" is an excellent potboiler. Michael Pronko’s action-packed mystery novel "The Moving Blade" is an excellent addition to the popular and critically acclaimed Detective Hiroshi series, full... Read More

Book Review

Liar Liar

by Meredith Grahl Counts

In "Liar Liar", a high-profile California rape trial seems a little suspicious. Nancy Boyarsky’s tough and likable protagonist Nicole Graves thinks so, too. It’s Nicole’s assignment to protect a college student who has accused a... Read More

Book Review


by Meg Nola

In the taut and compelling "Left", a small, troubled universe of friends, family, and lovers tries to find twenty-nine-year-old Natasha Bell, whose disappearance on a stormy summer night left few clues and a mystery that may never be... Read More

Book Review

The Astronaut's Son

by John M. Murray

In Tom Seigel’s The Astronaut’s Son, Jonathan Stein is the CEO of an emerging private aerospace company. He is close to achieving a lifetime goal of reaching the moon—a task his father left unfulfilled after suffering a fatal heart... Read More

Book Review

Burn Up

by Anita Lock

"Burn Up" is a gripping thriller from beginning to end. A mysterious death at Burning Man evolves into a maddening rabbit chase of an investigation in Joe Klingler’s Burn Up. Qigiq, an Alaskan gumshoe, and his sexy sidekick, Kandy,... Read More

Book Review

The House Always Wins

by Anita Lock

"The House Always Wins" is an attractive romance with a unique ghostly touch. A ghostly homeowner comes to the aid of a newly married couple in Brian Rouff’s hilarious novel, "The House Always Wins". Everything shifts quickly for... Read More

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