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Book Review


by Benjamin Welton

Ronald S. Barak’s latest Brooks/Lotello thriller, "Payback", is a whodunit that takes place at the Thriller Jubilee, a mystery writers’ conference on a Spanish island. Cyrus Brooks, a retired federal court judge, and Frank Lotello, a... Read More

Book Review

The New York Sour

by Benjamin Welton

New York City breathes through the gritty pages of this contemporary crime novel. In Marvin Koyo’s contemporary crime novel "The New York Sour", a family is forced to confront its demons. This New York sequel focuses on the wide Bracho... Read More

Book Review

Black and Blue in Harlem

by Eileen Gonzalez

"Black and Blue in Harlem" is a character-driven mystery about a mistake that costs two people their lives and the detective determined to find out the truth. A boozy private eye looks into the death of a child services worker while... Read More

Book Review

The Water Column

by Ho Lin

An imaginative thriller, "The Water Column" suggests more rousing adventures to come. Aran Jane’s "The Water Column" plunges into a mystery from the get-go. Wolf Holzinger appears in a student’s Chicago high-rise apartment seemingly... Read More

Book Review

Blood-Red Mist

by John M. Murray

"Blood-Red Mist" is a heartfelt paranormal mystery whose endearing heroine overshadows its darker elements. In Michael Allan Scott’s paranormal thriller "Blood-Red Mist", a psychic police consultant tries to save a life, rather than... Read More

Book Review

Fatal Roots

by Angela McQuay

The dead do not want to stay buried in Sheila Connolly’s ninth installment of her County Cork series, Fatal Roots. Maura Donovan, who moved from Boston to take over her family’s pub in Ireland, is getting used to rural Irish living... Read More

Book Review

Turn to Stone

by Karen Rigby

James W. Ziskin’s "Turn to Stone" pulls Ellie, an enterprising reporter, into a slow-burning search for the truth behind a professor’s reputation. In 1963, Ellie is in Italy for a literature symposium. When the body of Professor... Read More

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