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Book Review


by Brandee Gruener

"Denied" is a satisfying mystery novel whose detective, in pursuing a sympathetic case, learns more about herself and her family. In Mary Keliikoa’s mystery novel "Denied", a private investigator takes on a missing persons case while... Read More

Book Review

Halo around the Moon

by Eileen Gonzalez

"Halo around the Moon" is a dark mystery novel that focuses on the strange, unpredictable ways in which events and people are connected. A grisly murder triggers a series of violent events in Matt Ritter’s mystery novel "Halo around... Read More

Book Review

Rome by Night

by Edith Wairimu

The death of a showgirl whose escort business could expose corrupt political and social forces drives the mystery novel "Rome by Night". In J. Gennaro Albano’s mystery novel "Rome by Night", powerful forces rush to conceal the... Read More

Book Review


by Angela McQuay

In Stephen King’s entertaining new crime novel "Later", an adolescent can see dead people. After witnessing a bicycle crash and meeting the dead cyclist, Jamie’s life turns into a self-described horror story. His mother Tia, the... Read More

Book Review

The Tree of Knowledge

by Karen Rigby

"The Tree of Knowledge" is a funny and engaging mystery novel whose academic antiheroes regard logic as a training strategy, a weapon, and a cause. In Daniel G. Miller’s cozy mystery novel "The Tree of Knowledge", an Ivy League... Read More

Book Review


by Angela McQuay

The Chicago transit system is the nexus of two seemingly unconnected murders in Tiffany Cates’s unsettling, satisfying novel M-Theory. Donovan rides the train every day, taking note of the different people whom he sees on a regular... Read More

Book Review

Side Hustle

by John M. Murray

A work of art goes missing in the intricate and compelling mystery novel "Side Hustle". A series of thefts at a DC bank ensnares a dyslexic FBI agent in Drew Golden’s thrilling mystery novel "Side Hustle". Wynn Cabot struggles with... Read More

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