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Book Review

The Bridal Chase

by John M. Murray

With a blockbuster beginning and constant action, "The Bridal Chase" races by in a light and airy way. Robert Downs’s breakneck novella "The Bridal Chase" pits true love against ruthless thugs, and overflows with bombastic action and... Read More

Book Review

Deadly Payload

by Gary Henry

A thriller set amid a public health emergency, "Deadly Payload" is full of compelling characters and suspense. A small-town bioterrorism nightmare springs to frightening life in Karen Randau’s vivid modern-day thriller and detective... Read More

Book Review

Not Without Risk

by Anita Lock

"Not Without Risk" is filled with twists and turns from the get-go. In Pete Trewin’s engaging crime novel, "Not Without Risk", an unwitting underdog is caught in the throes of corruption. Martin Bennett, a stroke survivor who has been... Read More

Book Review

Celtic Knot

by John M. Murray

"Celtic Knot" is unusual and engrossing historical fiction that winds plausible mystery elements into an ode to a treasured national hero. Ann Shortell’s "Celtic Knot" examines history through a young Irish teen as she grapples with a... Read More

Book Review

Sing for the Dead

by Angela Woltman

"Sing for the Dead" is a thrilling mystery that harks back to the glory days of pulp fiction. Packed with action and suspicious characters, Cynthia Drew’s satisfying "Sing for the Dead" is a hard-boiled mystery with nonstop twists. A... Read More

Book Review

Peacock's Alibi

by Jeff Fleischer

Stuart David’s character Peacock Johnson has already been through a bit, appearing in an earlier David novel and an actual Ian Rankin crime novel (it’s a long story). Now he’s back in Peacock’s Alibi, a fun caper highlighted by... Read More

Book Review

The Two-Plate Solution

by Rachel Jagareski

"The Two-Plate Solution" is a molten broth of comic, nonstop action from page one. The American TV show Natural Dish-aster is shooting in Israel, and producer Sara Sinek, a Special Forces veteran with a secret about her time embedded... Read More

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