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Book Review

The Woman in the Camphor Trunk

by Meg Nola

Heroine Anna Blanc is a spirited woman who refuses to be a damsel in distress—unless it helps her to solve a case. Jennifer Kincheloe’s intrepidly stylish Anna Blanc returns in her latest adventure, "The Woman in the Camphor Trunk".... Read More

Book Review

Full Service Blonde

by John M. Murray

"Full Service Blonde" is a fantastic read—light on mystery, and heavy on romance and drama. "Full Service Blonde" is a breezy, entertaining mystery dealing with prostitutes, thieving cats, and the bustling Vegas strip. Christmastime in... Read More

Book Review


by Jennifer Miller

A suspenseful police thriller, "Shank" mixes humor and drama. "Shank" is the latest thriller from Steve Williams. Both suspenseful and entertaining, its story follows police partners Sal Mitchell and Eddie Sandovan as they evade... Read More

Book Review

Operation Light Switch

by J. G. Stinson

"Operation Light Switch" is a superior military thriller that captures the essence of what it means to serve one’s country. In "Operation Light Switch", John Wemlinger proffers a wronged hero and a scarily plausible world scenario.... Read More

Book Review

Finding Sylvia

by Katerie Prior

"Finding Sylvia" is a thoroughly modern romance, both deep and complex. Alan Shayne’s "Finding Sylvia" is an unexpected romance, both a universal reflection of searching for love and a portrait of a man enraptured by an enigmatic... Read More

Book Review

The Shepherd's Calculus

by Amanda Adams

The novel thoroughly explores complex topics, including dated religious practices and systemic political corruption. Character-driven and fast-paced, The Shepherd’s Calculus by C. S. Farrelly is an explosive mystery thriller. The... Read More

Book Review

A Diamond in the Rough

by Sarah Stewart

"A Diamond in the Rough" is a multilayered family epic that is as unpredictable as it is action-packed. Marilyn Land’s "A Diamond in the Rough" is an earnest novel about life’s biggest milestones; its ambitious narrative spans... Read More

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