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Book Review

Lies She Told

by Angela Woltman

The line between a novelist and her creations blurs in this swift psychological thriller. "Lies She Told" blurs the line between fact and fiction to plumb the depths of a woman on the brink of collapse. Liza is a thriller writer who... Read More

Book Review

Dystortions: Purple Haze

by Eva Schegulla

This alternate world—sharpening the positive, the grotesque, and the ridiculous—can be both wonderful and fascinating. Lisa Pell’s science fiction novel "Dystortions: Purple Haze" has an intriguing premise that combines an eerily... Read More

Book Review

Cloning Galinda

by Gary Henry

"Cloning Galinda" is an entertaining tale that opens a fascinating window into the controversial subject of hydraulic fracking. One good Midwestern woman stands up against the overwhelming financial and political might of a corrupt... Read More

Book Review


by Brittney Decker

Chapters flow naturally and suspense is conjured masterfully in this Lake Michigan thriller. Robert Wangard’s "Victim" slowly unfurls the truth behind the mysterious events surrounding a murder. Courage, lies, and deceit permeate this... Read More

Book Review

Naked We Came

by Michelle Anne Schingler

"Naked We Came" is an emotionally austere and endlessly surprising thriller that brings new depth to the Jake Travis series. Robert Lane’s "Naked We Came" finds the rakish and irresistible Jake Travis back in the thick of unfortunate... Read More

Book Review

The Unspeakable

by Jennifer Miller

Detectives are given insights into the hopes and dreams of young immigrant children in this gripping murder mystery. James Paavola’s suspenseful thriller "The Unspeakable" centers around the unconscionable act of child sex trafficking.... Read More

Book Review

The Bequest

by Hilary Daninhirsch

Nicole Graves is a charming and straight-shooting heroine who reads like a grown-up Nancy Drew. Readers who were first introduced to Nicole Graves in The Swap will be delighted to catch up with her again in Nancy Boyarsky’s "The... Read More

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