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Book Review


by Matt Benzing

The chilling, thought-provoking stories in the novel "Circus" are a phantasmagorical fun house mirror of human behaviors. Christopher Shavers’s "Circus" is a terrifying, sometimes surreal tale of revenge, insanity, and dark magic. The... Read More

Book Review

The Girl From Dark Dakota

by Joseph S. Pete

The past haunts a troubled Midwestern town in the moody horror novel The Girl from Dark Dakota. In Bryan Devore’s paranormal novel The Girl from Dark Dakota, supernatural evils haunt a town in which death has concealed dark secrets. On... Read More

Book Review

No Gods, No Monsters

by George Hajjar

A distinctive urban fantasy novel, Cadwell Turnbull’s "No Gods, No Monsters" is an operatic story involving monsters, magic, and myth. The stage is set when Laina receives a flash drive containing footage of a Boston cop killing a... Read More

Book Review

The Magic Keys of Tanglewood

by Delia Stanley

In the supernatural novel "The Magic Keys of Tanglewood", girls at a prestigious school pursue a generational mystery. In Malcolm Chester’s novel "The Magic Keys of Tanglewood", girls at a prestigious private school uncover a curse... Read More

Book Review

The Rising

by John M. Murray

"The Rising" is a heartfelt paranormal romance in which devoted parents are determined to vanquish darkness and protect their home. In Buffy M. Brinkley’s paranormal thriller "The Rising", a husband and wife steel themselves for an... Read More

Book Review

The Taxidermist's Lover

by Claire Foster

Creepy and sensual, The Taxidermist’s Lover is a gothic romance about a young woman who’s obsessed with her much older husband’s taxidermy practice. Scarlett, with her lifelong fascination with dead animals, finds her match with an... Read More

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