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Book Review


by John M. Murray

"Painless" is a difficult to put down, gory horror thriller with gut-wrenching twists and turns. Marty Thornley’s unsettling "Painless" is a medical thriller with a touch of horror in which desperate people turn to a mad scientist for... Read More

Book Review

The Quelling

by Linda Thorlakson

The rush of a whodunit pales next to Barbara Barrow’s what’ve-they-done-and-why, "The Quelling". The novel instantly achieves page-turner status through vexing questions. Why are two youngsters being raised by television nature... Read More

Book Review

Monsterland Reanimated

by Anita Lock

A coming-of-age page-turner, "Monsterland Reanimated" puts a whole new spin on the world of good and evil. What started as an act of altruism turns into a horror of monstrous proportions in Michael Okon’s "Monsterland Reanimated". A... Read More

Book Review

And Then There Were Crows

by Rebecca Hussey

Alcy Leyva’s "And Then There Were Crows" is a funny and fast novel in which angels and demons unexpectedly invade the isolated existence of the book’s endearing and prickly protagonist, Amanda Grey. Public spaces make Grey anxious;... Read More

Book Review

Gypsy Blood

by Benjamin Welton

All the best horror reads like a dream. Actually, more like a nightmare. Jeff Gunhus’s "Gypsy Blood" is peak nightmare aesthetic, and this bizarre murder mystery set in the chilly labyrinth of Paris is sure to keep many awake at night.... Read More

Book Review

A Wolf among the Sheep

by Benjamin Welton

This is no ordinary lycanthrope tale, but is instead driven by a highly empathetic beast. Something very weird is happening in the sleepy town of Grand, Oklahoma. A string of animal attacks occurring on full-moon nights starts a rumor... Read More

Book Review

If I Let You Go

by Delia Stanley

"If I Let You Go" uses chilling descriptions to paint a frightening picture of a postapocalyptic future. Ashley Dufault’s "If I Let You Go" addresses classism and revolution in a postapocalyptic world full of secrets, hidden loyalties,... Read More

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