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Book Review

The Dead of Winter

by Catherine Thureson

This atmospheric horror novel offers pleasant chills to readers looking for a good, realistic scare. A. B. Gibson’s "The Dead of Winter" utilizes vivid settings and intriguing plot developments in the service of an often scary tale.... Read More

Book Review

Lucifer's Son

by Kristine Morris

This imaginative, dark fantasy explores the innate depravity in the hearts of men. Sergey Mavrodi’s dark fantasy, Lucifer’s Son: The Temptation Chronicles, Book One, lays bare the depravity of the human heart as everyday men make... Read More

Book Review


by Scott Neuffer

As much fun as "Monsterland" is, Cash peppers the narrative with real-life significance. What if vampires, werewolves, and zombies aren’t the monsters we’ve made them out to be? What if the human heart is more monstrous than anything... Read More

Book Review

All-Day Breakfast

by Gary Presley

These zombies crave bacon, not brains, in a humorous adventure ripe with keen social observations. Adam Lewis Schroeder’s latest, "All-Day Breakfast", latches onto the modern zombie fascination and spins a sardonically humorous... Read More

Book Review

Water Ghosts

by Susan Waggoner

An ancient Chinese junk packed with delinquent teens and ghosts alike sets off on a dangerous voyage in this fantastic book. Adventure on the high seas, a Chinese ghost hungry for life, and a setting that’s as dangerous as it is... Read More

Book Review


by Scott Neuffer

"Peripheral" showcases an impressive range of human emotions and the unsparing dark imagination of its author. A flash of something in the distance, real or imagined, catches the eyes of the characters in Sylvester Pilgrim’s short... Read More

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