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Book Review

Runaway Ray

by Joseph S. Pete

The storytelling shows real flair, conjuring up the personal history of a man who shrouded his truths from those closest to him. Lorena Weaver’s multigenerational saga "Runaway Ray" is a full-bodied novel that draws upon a captivating... Read More

Book Review


by Benjamin Welton

Blackbeard: The Birth of America is a pleasure—a historical adventure that corrects popular assumptions about the fearsome privateer through captivating and cinematic scenes. The name “Blackbeard” once struck fear into the hearts... Read More

Book Review

Chinawoman's Chance

by Anita Lock

Chinawoman’s Chance is an engaging mystery with a historically informative feminist bent. A gruesome murder makes way for an unexpected romance in James Musgrave’s Chinawoman’s Chance. The first book in the Portia of the Pacific... Read More

Book Review

Trail of Madness

by Benjamin Welton

Because of its likable lead detective, "Trail of Madness" is an exceptionally fun murder mystery, highly addictive and with more than its fair share of memorable passages. The Sierra Nevada and the tiny towns of Orange County,... Read More

Book Review


by Robin Farrell Edmunds

"Defiance" is a detailed and enjoyable tale of Dutch survival during World War II. During World War II, a close-knit group of Dutch university students find their lives disrupted by the German occupation in Titia Bozuwa’s detailed and... Read More

Book Review

The Fourteenth of September

by Karen Rigby

"The Fourteenth of September" is a moving tribute to lives altered by the chance nature of the Vietnam draft. Rita Dragonette’s illuminating historical novel "The Fourteenth of September" captures the Vietnam War through the heartaches... Read More

Book Review

Creating Cassandra

by Brittney Decker

Salacious undertones permeate this mafia love story in which two people live out their story again and again across different times and continents. Vincent Di Blasi’s "Creating Cassandra" is a tumultuous tale in which friendship is... Read More

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