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Book Review

Code Name: Zeus

by Aimee Jodoin

This ideologically libertarian historical novel follows immigrants who become millionaires, believing that people can work together to change the world. Spanning the entirety of the twentieth century, Gary Andersen’s historical novel... Read More

Book Review

Rebels against Tyranny

by Benjamin Welton

Rebels Against Tyranny is excellent when it comes to its deep historical details. Helen P. Schrader’s historical novel, Rebels Against Tyranny, is a feast for the eyes and mind. The story is set during the heady days of the Sixth... Read More

Book Review

From Bird Mountain

by Susan Waggoner

"From Bird Mountain" is a fresh tale of the Viking world. Lyle Fugleberg’s historical novel "From Bird Mountain" is set in the Viking age and tells a familiar tale from a different, more realistic, point of view. Brothers Gyrth and... Read More

Book Review

The Chronicles of Iona

by Drema Drudge

The Chronicles of Iona: Island-Pilgrim is a swift, mesmeric historical tale about the men who shape a nascent nation. Paula de Fougerolles’s Chronicles of Iona: Island-Pilgrim is engrossing historical fiction relaying the creation of... Read More

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