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Book Review

Into the White

by Catherine Thureson

"Into the White" is a thoughtful and satisfying account of the the Terra Nova expedition to the South Pole. "Into the White" tells the harrowing and tragic tale of Robert Falcon Scott’s Terra Nova expedition to Antarctica. The book... Read More

Book Review


by Gary Presley

"Isaac" is profound and consequential historical fiction. Robert Karmon’s "Isaac" is a moving tale of a young Polish Jew trapped during the Holocaust, a person who joins anti-Nazi partisans out of necessity, only to be confronted again... Read More

Book Review

Trouble Tomorrow

by Claire Foster

Why do we have war? Where does it come from? "Trouble Tomorrow" explores the origins of conflict through the story of a child soldier in modern Sudan. Based on a true story, the book follows Obulejo as he escapes a Sudanese militia and... Read More

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