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Book Review

Trouble Tomorrow

by Claire Foster

Why do we have war? Where does it come from? "Trouble Tomorrow" explores the origins of conflict through the story of a child soldier in modern Sudan. Based on a true story, the book follows Obulejo as he escapes a Sudanese militia and... Read More

Book Review

Some Damn Fool Thing

by CJ Triplett

"Some Damn Fool Thing" is excellent and nuanced historical fiction. The first in a planned series, J. William Whitaker’s historical novel "Some Damn Fool Thing" explores the historical and social changes and conflicts leading up to... Read More

Book Review

Wild World

by Amanda Adams

"Wild World" is an able portrait of a divisive era, one in which characters sympathetically work to find meaning through chaos and to effect positive change. "Wild World" by Peter S. Rush is a riveting exploration of one man trying to... Read More

Book Review

Echo of the Past

by Susan Waggoner

Absorbing, memorable, and moving, "Echo of the Past" is a fully imagined tale of lives caught in the jaws of history. The tragic and entwined histories of twentieth-century Russia and Germany are brought poignantly to life in in Polina... Read More

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