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Book Review

Papa Luna

by Kristine Morris

De Luna’s religious fervor is deeply felt, and his struggle to hold the church accountable to the teachings of Jesus, its own laws, and its responsibilities to the faithful is clearly rendered. At the end of the fourteenth century, the... Read More

Book Review

Fried Oyster Sandwich

by Karen Rigby

"Fried Oyster Sandwich" is an entertaining account of lasting love. In Lloyd E. Gross’s alternative historical novel "Fried Oyster Sandwich", the confederacy won. The Kaufmann family of New Orleans is at the center of the... Read More

Book Review

Hitler, My Father

by Susan Waggoner

The novel’s potpourri of raw research snippets keeps the pages turning. In the mid-1970s, a Frenchman named Jean-Marie Loret claimed to be the illegitimate son of Adolf Hitler and a French farm girl. Though the claim was never proven,... Read More

Book Review

Pressing Freedom

by John M. Murray

Propelled forward by looming threats, this thriller is packed with action and drama. A reporter enters a web of deception and corruption in "Pressing Freedom", a nested thriller from Roger Armbrust. Reeves Franklin, a retired Vietnam vet... Read More

Book Review


by Sarah Stewart

The novel depicts a community of temporary summer residents who delight in one another’s trials and tribulations. A charming and sensual exploration of the tension between social norms and personal freedom, "Adirondack" by A. Dudley... Read More

Book Review

The Silver Horn Echoes

by Eva Schegulla

This excellent historical tale is driven by action and heart-pounding heroism. "The Silver Horn Echoes" by Michael Eging and Steve Arnold is a sweeping historical epic that is rich in its characters, plot, and legend. Built around the... Read More

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