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Book Review

Dreux Club Blues

by Susan Waggoner

By centering on a career officer who’s worked almost every district of the city, the book offer a bird’s-eye view of just about every situation imaginable in New Orleans. Scott D. Fenner’s historical novel "Dreux Club Blues" brings... Read More

Book Review

Celtic Knot

by John M. Murray

"Celtic Knot" is unusual and engrossing historical fiction that winds plausible mystery elements into an ode to a treasured national hero. Ann Shortell’s "Celtic Knot" examines history through a young Irish teen as she grapples with a... Read More

Book Review

The Gold Shaper

by Aimee Jodoin

"The Gold Shaper" is a fast-paced, exciting coming-of-age story about identity and the search for a deeper purpose. The second novel in a trilogy, Philip Atlas Clausen’s "The Gold Shaper" puts a twist on the western genre by pairing a... Read More

Book Review

Plum Rains

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Andromeda Romano-Lax’s near-future novel, "Plum Rains", gracefully explores ethical questions around artificial intelligence with refreshing humanity. Anji already has worries aplenty when her employer, Itou, surprises their household... Read More

Book Review

Miss Wilton's Waltz

by Claire Foster

Miss Wilton’s Waltz is a lovely, nuanced romance that shows how creating a relationship with oneself is just as important as falling in love with somebody else. Lenora Wilton is no shrinking violet. At first look, she easily could be... Read More

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