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Book Review


by Gregory A. Lowe

Thomas Locke’s science fiction straddles the line between tragic and comedic, striking a perfect balance. "Renegades", by Thomas Locke, is a sci-fi adventure with a cavalcade of distinct characters and well-described action. Among the... Read More

Book Review

Dig the Zone of Freedom

by Amanda Adams

"Dig the Zone of Freedom" is a one-of-a-kind Christian musical. Immense in its scope and vision, "Dig the Zone of Freedom" by Richard Byrne is a unique work with music woven in. Based around the adventures of the staff and residents at a... Read More

Book Review

Haven Cross

by Katerie Prior

Daines’s novel breaks with genre conventions to deliver a tale with broad appeal. In Julie Daines’s Havencross, a young woman finds romance and adventure in the nineteenth-century Cornish countryside. Retreating from London after a... Read More

Book Review

Loving Luther

by Claire Foster

In time for the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s challenge to the Catholic Church, Allison Pittman’s "Loving Luther" is a moving and rich historical romance based on Luther’s relationship with his wife, Katharina. In addition,... Read More

Book Review

On Love's Gentle Shore

by Diane Gardner

Gentle allusions to the power of belief and of God form the story’s foundation. Liz Johnson combines a tender inspirational romance with the gritty impact of childhood abuse for a powerful story about the struggle to find, accept, and... Read More

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