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Book Review


by Edith Wairimu

In the heartfelt novel "P.U.S.H.", a Christian woman recovers from injury, loss, and the failure of her business, exemplifying resilience and faith. Based on a true story, Sahara Stafford’s encouraging Christian novel about recovery,... Read More

Book Review

Night Bird Calling

by Karen Rigby

Cathy Gohlke examines spousal abuse and restored faith in "Night Bird Calling", an engrossing novel about a woman’s flight to rural Appalachia. In 1941, just after her mother’s death, Lilliana overhears her husband Gerald conspiring... Read More

Book Review

Balian d’lbelin

by Jeremiah Rood

Set during the Crusades, "Balian d’lbelin" follows a heroic knight’s efforts to save the kingdom of Jerusalem. Helena P. Schrader’s riveting historical novel "Balian d’lbelin" is set during the Crusades and is filled by battles,... Read More

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