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Book Review

The Gates of Sheol

by Claire Foster

This historically attentive narrative keeps its pace, resulting in a memorable, fierce novel with a strong Christian message. War is hell. As young Sergeant Stanley Mitchell discovers as he passes through the gates of the Confederate... Read More

Book Review

The Gifts of Nicholas

by Billie Rae Bates

"The Gifts of Nicholas" is a pretty and exceedingly positive book that will appeal to both believers and nonbelievers. The Christmas spirit comes alive in lush color in James Marion King’s The Gifts of Nicholas. The book is equal parts... Read More

Book Review

Missing Isaac

by Karen Rigby

Inspiring themes emerge of cultivating self worth and of the necessity of defending those who are otherwise defenseless. Valerie Fraser Luesse revisits 1960s Alabama with searing clarity in "Missing Isaac", an elegiac tribute to... Read More

Book Review


by Gregory A. Lowe

Thomas Locke’s science fiction straddles the line between tragic and comedic, striking a perfect balance. "Renegades", by Thomas Locke, is a sci-fi adventure with a cavalcade of distinct characters and well-described action. Among the... Read More

Book Review

Dig the Zone of Freedom

by Amanda Adams

"Dig the Zone of Freedom" is a one-of-a-kind Christian musical. Immense in its scope and vision, "Dig the Zone of Freedom" by Richard Byrne is a unique work with music woven in. Based around the adventures of the staff and residents at a... Read More

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