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June 2022

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published June 2022.

Book Review

The Bindings of Woe

by Aimee Jodoin

In the meticulous fantasy novel "The Bindings of Woe", young heroes take on the godlike rulers of their oppressive government. In Connor Jackson’s fantasy novel "The Bindings of Woe", a tight-knit group of friends faces... Read More

Book Review


by Michele Sharpe

"Sonnish" is a musing novel in which a genealogical search is used to show how knowledge increases empathy. Mary Capper’s mystical historical novel "Sonnish" represents a compassionate search for a family’s roots. Dozing near a... Read More

Book Review

The College Shrink

by Kristine Morris

Character studies dominate the moving novel "The College Shrink", about the turbulence of campus life and the importance of love and compassion. An empathetic college psychologist finds herself in trouble in William Haylon’s intense... Read More

Book Review

oh, you thought this was a date?!

by Matt Sutherland

Careening towards the apocalypse, we’d be choosy about sitting shotgun next to anyone but a poet. Who else could keep the conversation lively with brimstone on the breath? C. Russell Price, keep that seat open for us, will ya? A Lambda... Read More

Book Review

Balloon Dog

by Mari Carlson

Daniel Paisner’s literary novel "Balloon Dog" revolves around a sculpture heist—though its artful characters are also vulnerable to other kinds of theft. Though he used to be a respected writer, middle age killed Harrison’s... Read More

Book Review

Just Enough

by Ho Lin

Azby Brown looks to the past to find future methods for sustainable living in "Just Enough". Centering his studies on Edo-era Japan, Brown focuses on the concept of the “circular economy,” in which resources are preserved and... Read More

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