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June 8, 2021

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published June 8, 2021. You can also view all of the books we've reviewed that were published anytime in June 2021.

Book Review


by John M. Murray

"Proliferation" is a thought-provoking science fiction novel set in the aftermath of a technological apocalypse. In Erik A. Otto’s intricate science fiction novel "Proliferation", humans in splintered factions squabble and AI cities... Read More

Book Review

We Want a Dog

by Michelle Anne Schingler

A hodgepodge of pooches are the focus of this jaunty picture book that begins with a decision: “We want a dog!” But what kind of dog—farty? Barky? A shedder? A sharp dresser? The possibilities are many. The prospective pups are... Read More

Book Review

Down with This Ship

by Karen Rigby

In Katie Kingman’s humorous novel "Down with This Ship", a high school junior who leads a double life as a blogger is exposed. But in this sweet exploration of ambition and romance, the introverted, panicky girl discovers that her... Read More

Book Review

Doubting Thomas

by Monica Carter

"Doubting Thomas" is a harrowing novel in which Thomas, a gay teacher, is falsely accused of inappropriate touching. Thomas is a fourth grade teacher at a prestigious private school. He is dedicated and well liked, and his teaching... Read More

Book Review


by Kristine Morris

Human beings have been obsessed with the color blue for thousands of years, and in "Blue", science journalist Kai Kupferschmidt travels the globe to discover why it has always been so special. Strange as it may seem, science is only... Read More

Book Review


by Eileen Gonzalez

A depressed journalist finds himself on a strange journey in Mohamed Kheir’s haunting novel "Slipping". Seif’s heart has not been in his job of late, so he is surprised to receive an important yet mysterious assignment: he must... Read More

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