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February 25, 2020

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published February 25, 2020. You can also view all of the books we've reviewed that were published anytime in February 2020.

Book Review

Becoming Soul

by Jeremiah Rood

In the spiritual novel "Becoming Soul", a woman’s experiences with family and motherhood foster her connection to the divine. In El Alma’s spiritual novel "Becoming Soul", a parable is used to suggest means of personal development. A... Read More

Book Review

Believing Is Seeing

by Laura Leavitt

"Believing Is Seeing" is a concise scientific work concerned with human visual perception. Michael W. Levine’s "Believing Is Seeing" is an accessible overview of the many ways that human eyes differentiate the light and stimuli they... Read More

Book Review

Just So

by Matt Sutherland

Certain renowned figures are difficult to characterize, a fact that speaks to their diverse interests, ingenuity, and unique ability to gain and maintain influence across large swaths of society. Brilliance helps, no doubt, but more... Read More

Book Review

Master of Sorrows

by Claire Foster

Artifacts, ancient secrets, and an aching desire to prove himself force neophyte Annev de Breth to contend with magical forces in "Master of Sorrows", the first book in The Silent Gods series from Justin Travis Call. Annev, a student at... Read More

Book Review

Coconut Layer Cake Murder

by Angela McQuay

Cozy mysteries don’t get any cozier than Joanne Fluke’s, and her latest in the Hannah Swensen series, Coconut Layer Cake Murder, is no exception. Hannah is a baker and amateur sleuth who’s ordered to take a vacation after a... Read More

Book Review

The Water Column

by Ho Lin

An imaginative thriller, "The Water Column" suggests more rousing adventures to come. Aran Jane’s "The Water Column" plunges into a mystery from the get-go. Wolf Holzinger appears in a student’s Chicago high-rise apartment seemingly... Read More

Book Review

The Opposite of Falling Apart

by Jaime Herndon

Micah Good’s "The Opposite of Falling Apart" includes a meet-cute, angst, and lots of introspection as its characters confront weighty issues. Jonas, an amputee, and Brennan, a girl with severe anxiety, are hardly a perfect match, but... Read More

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