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February 2017

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published February 2017.

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Book Review

Marines Never Cry

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

"Marines Never Cry" is an uncompromising coming-of-age story that clarifies the nature of war. He laughed his way through high school and basic training. Now, fresh off of Parris Island, Zeke Hammond is eager to join the fight against... Read More

Book Review

Robbing the Pillars

by Gary Henry

Colorful historical settings and insights into immigrant experiences result in a meaningful, satisfying story. A colorful saga of the wild days of the California gold rush, "Robbing the Pillars" by Kalen Vaughan Johnson chronicles... Read More

Book Review

Time Out of Mind

by Melissa Wuske

Thomas’s spiritual journey is almost mystically detailed—intangible, internal, and difficult-to-describe. "Time Out of Mind" is Jo Thomas’s story of her journey through trauma to spiritual self-discovery. The account begins in... Read More

Book Review

Dinner Déjà Vu

by Rachel Jagareski

Even chefs want to save precious time and money on groceries, a tricky balancing act when dining standards are high, but Jennifer Hill Booker has blazed such a trail to the stove. Her second cookbook, "Dinner Déjà Vu", blends both... Read More

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