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May 2016

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published May 2016.

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Book Review

Barlow and Other Stories

by Claire Foster

Strong local color and Willis’s flair for dialect make this a charming and lively collection. They don’t make men like Barlow Jimson anymore. Born mean and named after his father’s clasp knife, Barlow “grew up with a tailor-made... Read More

Book Review

Crossing the Red

by John M. Murray

Bear Kotah’s Comanche background makes him a unique hero in this unique and fascinating entry into the genre. "Crossing the Red" by Arch Gibson paints a portrait of a veteran who, while coping with the aftermath of war, is driven to... Read More

Book Review


by Sarena Nanua

This fresh and emotional historical novel emphasizes the importance of love despite class and racial differences. Katelyne Parker’s "Hosanna" is an emotional historical novel that is very much applicable to current times. Parker has a... Read More

Book Review


by Sonya Lovy

Quantum is a fun mystery, and its action-adventure turns are backed by science as well as history. In "Quantum", by Dean De Servienti, a strange, 250-million year old cylinder that looks like a walking cane is discovered, setting forth a... Read More

Book Review

Bismark and Us

by Melissa Wuske

This is the sweet and simple story of one dog’s family life. Bismark and Us: A True Story by Min Pin Tootsie is the sweet story, told by a canine narrator, of four dogs and their human family. Min Pin Tootsie, a dog belonging to Ken... Read More

Book Review


by Peter Dabbene

Maximilien Le Roy and artist A. Dan illustrate the life of writer and philosopher Henry David Thoreau, in the graphic novel Thoreau: A Sublime Life. Similar to John Porcellino’s graphic novel Thoreau at Walden, Le Roy begins with... Read More

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