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May 2016

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published May 2016.

Book Review

Exit of the Leviathan

by Joseph S. Pete

Passionate poems are collected in "Exit of the Leviathan", an occasionally musical collection. Philips Ororho’s lyrical but unpolished poetry collection "Exit of the Leviathan" focuses on faith and romance. Love poems, paeans to God,... Read More

Book Review

911 Call for Rapture

by Claire Foster

"911 Call for Rapture" is sexy, contemporary erotica about the love lives of the one percent. What happens when you mix fire and ice? You get either a five-alarm blaze or a pathetic puddle. Gloria E.’s erotic romance "911 Call for... Read More

Book Review

Joshua's Journey

by Carol Davala

This is a well-crafted introduction to the realities of racial prejudice. Judith Dempsey’s powerful and inspiring Joshua’s Journey chronicles the life of a young black boy born at the end of the Civil War. He learns the value of... Read More

Book Review

The Hope of Another Spring

by Matt Sutherland

What is American history other than a record of stuff that happened somehow related to the people and places of this country. Everything in the past is history, and no matter how insignificant, it factors into the character and identity... Read More

Book Review

Unpuzzling Finance

by Angela McQuay

This book takes a topic that is confusing to most and lays it out in a way that is educational and user-friendly. "Unpuzzling Finance" by Zahoor Bargir is a concise and easy-to-relate-to guide for small business owners and entrepreneurs... Read More

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